As with all invasive clinical procedures, there room potential risks and also complications associated with facet share injections. However, in general, the risk is low and also complications space rare.

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Potential threats and/or complications the may happen from a facet share injection include:

Allergic reaction. Usually, the allergy is come the X-ray contrast or steroid; seldom to local anesthetic. Life threaten or significant allergies room rare.Bleeding. A rarely complication, bleeding is an ext common because that patients with underlying bleeding disorders or in patient on blood thinners.Discomfort in ~ the suggest of the injection or worsening of pains symptoms. These symptoms room usually mild and short-lived. Resilient increases in pain space rare.

In enhancement to threats from the injection, some patients will endure side results from the steroid medication, such as:

Transient flushing through a emotion of warm ("hot flashes") for numerous days fluid retention, weight gain, or enhanced appetite
Elevated blood pressureHigh blood sugar - diabetic patient should notify their primary care physicians around the injection prior to their appointmentTransient to decrease in immunity

In This Article:

Cataracts - a rare result of excessive and/or lengthy steroid usageSevere arthritis the the hips or shoulders (avascular necrosis) - a rare an outcome of too much and/or prolonged steroid usage

Patients who room on a blood thinning medication (such as Coumadin), or have an active infection, might not have the ability to have this procedure and these situations should be questioned with the dealing with physician. Patient should also let your doctor know of any kind of allergies they need to medications that may be offered for the procedure.

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