The community Services room (CSD) uses dozens of urban and neighborhood parks, impressive classes for adult/seniors and also kids, 40 miles of long walking trails, a municipal golf course, fascinating arts exhibits, the Jr. Museum and also Zoo, facility rentals, pools, and also fields and also gyms for fitness. Even if it is you"re trying to find educational tasks for your kids, a location to relax, or location to discover the world approximately you, Palo Alto"s community Services room is proud to sell programs, activities, and also parks to accomplish all the needs of her family and to sustain a positive quality that life!

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Palo Alto art Center

ThePalo Alto arts Centeris your location to see and make art, activate her creativity, and also expand her community. Developed by and also for the community in 1971, the Palo Alto Art center provides an accessible and welcoming place to interact with art. We serve around 150,000 civilization every year through a diverse selection of programs, including free-admission exhibitions, arts classes for children and also adults, institution programs, and also special throughout the year.

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Palo Alto Children"s Theatre

Palo Alto Children’s Theatreserves an ext than 57,000 neighborhood members annually with theatrical productions and programs for youth periods 3 v high school. Performing arts education methods include onsite classes, camps, and production experiences, as well as theatrical Outreach Productions (grades 3-5) and Dance in institutions classes (grades K-2) in every twelve PAUSD primary school Schools.

Cubberley Artist Studio program (CASP)

TheCubberley Artist Studio regime (CASP)supports the vitality of the art in Palo Alto by providing City-sponsored, affordable studio an are for artists, building an imaginative community and fostering publicly engagement v the arts and artists.

Junior Museum & Zoo

TheJunior Museum& Zoois a location wherechildrenand theircaregivers come toexplore, discover, create and play. Through hand-operated science exhibits and also a diverse community of live animals,your child"s herbal scientist will be nurtured.The Zoo is residence to an ext than 50species the animals—about 200 specimens in all. Many of lock are carried to schools as component of our science Outreach program. Few of the animals include, raccoons, tropical bats, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, new water fish, invertebrates, birds, turtles and also a large tortoise! In the brand-new Zoo, opening Spring 2021, we"ll have many more animals, consisting of flamingos, spoonbills, and also meerkats.In an addition to an remarkable zoo, the small Museum offers countless science programs for schools, neighborhood groups, and families, consisting of summer camps and also birthday parties.

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Public arts Program

The Palo AltoPublic arts Programpromotes the highest caliber of artwork, commissioning memorable public artworks and experiences the stimulate discussion and thoughtful reflection, celebrating Palo Alto’s character and also enhancing public pride and sense that place.