============= - thing 6 - ============= 3 days of Excess---------------Excess to express \_____________________________________________ |Enemies: none |Items: Dried Shroom, light Sprite (33,34), Star item (81-85)| Mushroom |------------------------------------------------------------- Your partner notes exactly how nice the train is and also then notices a note on the groundthat intimidates to provide the train a "sticky, yummy" ending. Take the bright Sprite(SS 33) and then check the drawer because that a Dried Shroom. Walk out and head left. Gopast the shop and into one more section. Go into room 008 and check the drawer fora Star item (SP 81). Walk left and also talk come the conductor. Speak to the detectiveguy, Pennington, in the area through the shop. Watch together he makes a silly of himselfand then speak to that again. The accuses Mario and also then asks Mario come prove hisinnocence by finding the genuine perpatrator. Head appropriate towards Mario"s room andnotice the foot prints. Monitor them to room 003 and check the drawer to uncover theGalley Pot. Pennington will come and tell girlfriend to accomplish him in his room, 006.Before law so, head best until you gain the engine room. Infront that the enginedo a Spin jump to reveal a Star item (SP 82). Return the pot come the chief whorewards you with a Star piece (83). Go talk to Pennington and also then speak to thelittle Bob-omb. He wants an autograph. Speak to the conductor who tells girlfriend thatBub desires the engineer"s autograph. Head earlier and speak to the dining lady, shelost some shell Earrings. Speak to the lady in room 002, she requirements a yellow Ringthat she lost. Talk to the technician to obtain the autograph. Take it ago to Bub,he gives you a light Sprite (SS 34) in return. Head out and talk with theconductor again. Head come room 004 and also Spin Jump because that a Star item (SP 84). Hidein the shadows with Vivian and a ghost appears. Take it on the ghosts request andhead to the conductor. He"ll let friend in, so walk in and squeeze in the boxes toget the Ragged Diary. Return it come the ghost and also he gives you the blanket inreturn. Return the blanket, take it the Mushroom, and also return come Mario"s room. Remainder easyand then head to Pennington"s room. Hear the end the rat and also then head the end to room001. Seize the critical Paper and head earlier to Pennington. Head ago to Mario"s roomand check the paper, your companion deducts the the criminal is in the room. UseVivian and also hide in the shadows until Zip Toad appears, stop him with the hammeras he bounces about the room. Your room taken earlier to Pennington"s room and thethief hands end the Briefcase, gold Ring, and also Shell Earrings. Offer the ShellEarrings earlier to the waitress, in return Mario it s okay a Star piece (SP 85). Returnthe yellow Ring come the lady in room 002 because that 30 coins. Exit at best to RiversideStation.------------------Riverside terminal \_______________________________________ |Enemies: Ruff Puffs*, toxicity Pokey*, S. Parabuzzy* |Items: Station an essential (2), bright Sprite (35,36), Dried Shroom| Star piece (86), Close call P Badge, HP Plus argorial | P-Up, D-Down badge |---------------------------------------------------------- when you go into here, go right and talk to the Toadstool near the drawbridge.He speak Mario that he demands him to upper and lower reversal the switch to set the drawbridge downand provides Mario the station Key. Get in the Station and also head right. In the nextroom roll under the wall and struggle the blue switch to create steps. Walk up thesteps and also into a room, struggle the Ruff Puffs* and also go increase the stairway and across themoving platforms. Roll under and then run on platforms until you are at the farright. Usage Koops to grab the Station key and climate head behind that platform fora Star item (SP 86). Return to the previous room. Usage the Station key and gooutside. Struggle the poison Pokeys* and also jump on package to obtain a Thunder Rage.Grab the bright Sprite (SS 35) at the bottom that the stairs. Head left fightingoff adversaries until you with a dead end. Use Flurrie to expose a door. Beforegoing through the door head ago up to the very first set that stairs and roll underthe an initial step to acquire an HP add to Badge. In the following room fight turn off the S. Parabuzzys* and head down the ramp. Walk rightand hop over and also drop into the hole the you jumped come -- contempt left. Followthe path and hop over the space to get the P-Up, D-Down Badge. Drop down the holeand save going left once ever feasible until girlfriend land in a dumpster. Seize theDried Shroom and also head left. In the following room simply leave at left and then defeatthe Goombas. Hit the blue switches as countless times as the numbers say and theywill turn red. Stairs show up when every the switches have actually been hit. Rise to thetop the the steps and use Koops to acquire the shine Sprite (SS 36). Go ideal andopen the big chest for the Ultra Boots. Use the feather Jump come grab the pipe and also head right. Slide into through theground and then hop top top the boxes at right. Usage Yoshi to cross to the other boxand feather Jump to the pipe. Head left and also drop into the cage, feather Jump underthe shelf to tear down the Elevator Key. Go ago to the elevator and also ride itdown. Use Flurrie to blow away the black color things and then flip the lever. Hop upand hit the blue switch. Ride the elevator earlier up and also hit the shelf in ~ left toget the Close contact P Badge. Go into the train and also be returned to Mario"s room. Usethis time to save and then go back to the room because that a nights rest. Head to theengineers room and also talk to to the engineer. A smorg appears on the windshield!Go to the package room and use Flurrie to punch the smorgs out of the way. Whenthey leave, spring Jump come the pipe and also head left after ~ them. Work up on height ofthe train and also head best using your hammer to clean a path. In ~ the finish the smorgwill morph into a giant Smorg* and also it has actually the various other passengers!------------Boss: Smorg \__________________________________________________________________ |HP: 50 |Attack: 5 |Defense: 1 |Attacks: Tentacle Slap |Strategy: use Bobbery"s Bob-ombast assault to whipe out the tentacles, then | emphasis on dealing as much damage as possible. When the tentacles come | earlier simply bomb castle again or usage a Thunder Rage. Keep it up until | Smorg morphs. The Smorg Miasma will deal 10 to every character in ~ this| point but it"s simply one so use Bob-ombast again and also take it out. Permit | loose all you have on Smorg and take that down! |------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The world on the train give thanks to you and then head out. Heal and also then leave thetrain and enter Poshley Heights.----------------Poshley Heights \________________________________ |Enemies: Dark Boo* |Items: Star piece (87-90), light Sprite (37,38) |------------------------------------------------- Head down the steps and do a Spin run to get a Star item (SP 87). Head leftpast the blue house and also check behind the chair for an additional Star piece (SP 88).Enter the house right alongside you and also slide in between the crack in the ago wall.Open the chest within to gain a HP drain P Badge. Currently head right and slide in thehedges near the black color crack. Go up and also find a Star item (SP 89). Now head downinto the following area. Go down and also talk to the lady in the wagon, buy some FreshPasta if you want. Inspect behind the hedge the the very first house in the area for aStar piece (SP 90). Head right into the following area and at the right of theSanctum is a bright Sprite (SS 37). Review the keep in mind on the door and also Pennington willcome earlier and explain that that is the Sanctum manager, being a detective issomething he does for fun. Get in the Sanctum and also then use the stars on theground to check out where the pipes are. Head right and also climb come the height to usage theAirplane Panel. Fly across and climate head up and also hit the blue switch. Autumn downand usage the pipeline to enter the mural. Enter the door and also fight your means throughthe Dark Boos*. Use the tube to with a shine Sprite (SS 38) and the l EmblemBadge. Now grab the decision Star. Mario to learn the special ability "Showstopper"and the chapter pertains to a close. Head earlier and talk through Pennington, then leaving the Sanctum. Us switch come ascene through Grodus and also the X-naut autumn the negative news all about on him. HavePeach go speak to TEC and also he drops the bad news on her. Peach is ~ above the moon andshe must escape instantly or something poor could take place to her. She sends out amessage come Mario but it cut off half-way through Grodus. The X-nauts delete TEC"smemory that Peach and TEC confirms the mail being sent. Together he fades far he tellsPeach that he loves her. Bowser is ago at that in Rogueport and also complains of having nothing. Kammy comesin and informs him the there is a top secret area that no one has remained in andthat it can have something there. Bowser heads off and it"s time for anotherMario world, this time it"s the lock level. Head right and grab the meat asyou go. Ultimately you"ll check out a spring, jump on it to exit, then just climb thesteps and get the flag. In the next room Bowser meets v Rawk Hawk and also thensquashes him. Unfortunately, Kammy flies right into the fake decision Star and also it fallsand breaks, revealing it"s identity. Bowser whines some an ext and we go back toMario. The train return to Rogueport, so head right and also receive the e-mail fromPeach. She tells Mario that he"s on the moon and that they need her... -- themessage is reduced off and Mario"s partner concludes that something has happened tothe Princess. Head ago to key Rogueport and next to the inn is a chest abovesitting ~ above a platform. Feather Jump under the platform to punch the chest down,open it to get the Ultra Hammer! Head right into the sewers and go to wherein you foughtthe Blooper. Feather Jump to the pole above and head left. Blow open the wallwith Bobbery and open the chest for a safeguard Plus ns Badge. Currently use the poleagain however go all the method right and also use the pipe. Get in the house and grab theobvious Star piece (SP 91). Head come the underground town and also get on the secondfloor. Stand beside the pole and do a spring Jump to with the pole up high.Follow the buildings left and grab the shine Sprite (SS 39) ~ above the pillar. Headback come blue tube section and also go left native there. Quit the stone block andopen the chest because that an FP to add Badge. Spin run on height of the blue switches tomake brand-new pipes appear. The left pipe leads to Poshley Heights, the one in ~ rightleads come Keelhaul Key. From here head left one screen and also then use the BoatPanel come ride all the way to the appropriate again. Take the shine Sprite (SS 40).Head earlier to Frankly and also talk with him. He"ll tell girlfriend to use the cannon inFahr outpost to with the moon. He claims that Mario requirements an Ultra Hammer,luckily we already have it. Go to West Rogueport and enter the sewers there. Walk to the lower section andsee the red "X" on the ground, spring Jump turn off of it to grab the pole climate moveleft and drop down. Open up the chest for a Flower Saver p Badge. Head back and nowuse Yoshi to cross the gap and also then smash the stone block.

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Get in the pipe toget to Fahr Outpost.