- Flight stability improvement- Rolling Spider instantly goes down after a link loss

Software Upday Process

- Install the battery in the Parrot Rolling Spider and wait until the lights rotate green.- Connect the Parrot Rolling Spider to your computer system making use of a USB/micro-USB cable.> Wait until the left-hand light is a steady green.- Downpack the update file accessible in the blue box, to be found above this procedure. Do not rename the downloaded file.- Drag and drop the upday file into the Parrot Rolling Spider as though it were a USB Flash drive. The upday file should be put at the root of the Parrot Rolling Spider and not in a folder.> The right-hand light flashes orange/red while the update file is being moved.> Once the transfer is complete the right-hand also light stays orange.- Safely rerelocate and also disaffix the Parrot Rolling Spider from your computer.> The upday is mounted. The lights alternately flash oselection through enhancing rapidity. Do not rerelocate the battery from the Parrot Rolling Spider while the upday installation is in development.- Wait till the lights rotate green.

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About Drone Firmware:

Applying a newer firmware variation than the one currently set up on your unit deserve to bring assorted improvements, incorporate workarounds for diverse troubles encountered by the gadget, and boost or include freshly emerged features. On the various other hand also, downgrading the firmware variation have the right to recoup the device’s use in the occasion of a software update either turning up faulty or causing the unit’s as a whole performance to drop. However before, bear in mind that applying an older firmware isn’t recommended and can not always be possible. When it concerns the upday steps, due to the big array of devices and also numerous ways for installing a brand-new firmware, it is recommended that you very closely check out and also understand the upgrade actions, and consider using a various firmware just as soon as you have actually familiarized yourself via the update approach. As the installation process is most of the times rather riskies, this action have to be taken by customers that have the capability to successfully complete the update; continual users may initiate it at their own danger. As such, if you think about using this release, hit the download switch, take right into account all the previously mentioned aspects, and upday the device’s firmware. Also make certain you constantly examine with our website to encertain that you don’t miss out on a single new release.

It is highly recommfinished to constantly usage the many recent driver version obtainable.

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Try to collection a mechanism gain back point prior to installing a maker driver. This will certainly aid if you set up an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems have the right to arise once your hardware device is as well old or not sustained any kind of longer.

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