“Patrick Star, you are one smart shopper.” - Patrick StarHe actually claims “I only have actually $7” but whatever. Patrick Star die reduced sticker. About 2” in height.This sticker is printed with beautiful, vivid colors on glossy, waterproof, vinyl sticker paper. This sticker is perfect for water-bottles, hydroflasks, laptops, tablets, iPads, tumblers, journals and also notebooks.FREE SHIPPING with USPS an initial Class Letter Mail! simply pay a $1.00 taking care of fee :) (within the United states or its areas only)*Extend the life of her sticker by placing on a smooth, clean, dry, surface, and also handwashing if put on a cup/mug/etc**Colors may vary early out to different lighting/the device you’re viewing it on*

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Greg cosmos “Let Me journey My Van right into Your Heart” Steven Universe motivated Glossy Vinyl Die reduced Waterproof Sticker

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