Paypal is now providing smart butloads that show (once allowed) extra butlots besides the simple checkout button.

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I"m trying to include the Paypal-Crmodify (previously known as Bill-me-later) choice to our web-app, yet complying with the code instance in the Paypal docs wasn"t enough to make it present up.

I"ve made certain that the client-ID I"m using is from an account in the UK (among the supported nations of Paypal-credit) and had my client who also lives there view the page and it still does not show up.

Users from nations that aren"t supported by the business will certainly not have the ability to watch the switch regardless of the code.

Worth to mention that neither the sandbox client-ID nor the manufacturing one worked for this case.

The meant result is two buttons: "Paypal" and also "Credit" next to it as presented in the docs:

The result is the single default "Paypal" button.

paypal paypal-rest-sdk
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Change the money to USD


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