Penn & Teller"s Double Bullet Catch

I simply got back from Penn & Teller"stouring magic display. These "poor boys of magic" put on a pretty entertainingdisplay, varying from cheesy card tricks to relocating illusion-enhanced storiesto death-defying stunts. The last one was a double bullet catch: they fire.357 caliber handweapons at each various other and capture both bulallows in their teeth.The phase starts separated by a yellow line, Penn and Teller on eitherside and also never before crossing the line. As Teller never speaks, Penn asks theaudience if anyone is acquainted through weapons, being a soldier, cop, targetshooter, etc. On this night, a corrections officer and yours truly (!)were picked to examine the equipment ("How perform you understand about guns?" "Trainedat Gunsite and Lethal Force Institute!" "Excellent!"). Going to oppositehalves of the stage, we examined the Python .357 revolvers (looked perfectlynormal and also proved wear of age and use) through attached laser sights, selectedone round each from a container, marked the bullets through our initials andshells via made-up symbols (mine a triangle via a dot in the center),checked glass panes, and primarily confirmed that the props were actual. Iwas convinced!Penn proceeded to recite Cooper"s Four Rules to the audience, emphasizinggun safety and security...which they then violated a lot of blatantly (at leastern they tolda thousand civilization what the rules are). Moving off phase, we watched asthe goofy duo donned bulletproof vests & helmets & goggles. Theyturned on the laser sights, aimed thru the two panes of glass at each other"smouths, and fired simultaniously. We returned to the stage, noting thebullets in the magicians" teeth, took the bulallows (hmm...dubious honorof having Penn Jillette spit a bullet right into my hand), proved the initials,verified the post-firing rifling marks and also powder residue, then took thecorresponding invested shell from the correct revolver on the oppowebsite sideof the phase, sniffed the shell"s solid distinctive scent of gun smoke,noted the unique markings, and also checked the distinctive shatter patternon the glass panes.I"ve stupassed away firearms, and also I"ve studied magic.

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Beats me just how they fired simultaniouslyand also undeniably caught the other shooter"s bullet in their teeth! Uniquemarmonarchs, evidence of firing, broken glass, short time, uncrossed dividingline...a wonderful illusion well performed!It was a genuine trip to be picked to go on phase via Penn & Tellerto verify their coolest trick, and to prove (at leastern to a pair people)that the volunteers from the audience are legitimate. Thanks guys!