The Youtube-based comedian and video clip producer PewDiePie has had actually two noteworthy logos since 2011, as soon as he came to be popular.

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Meaning and also history


The visual identity of a famed Swedish YouTube channel has had actually at the very least three major redesigns throughout its history, however all versions of the logo, created for it, are bright, strong, and edgy.

2010 — 2013


The earliest noteworthy PewDiePie logo appeared in 2011. The wordmark was offered in a fun all-caps typeface. It to be a stylized graffiti-like inscription in white v a delicate gray outline. Black color “stains” could be checked out on the white letters, if the ends of the letter looked “torn”. The lettering looked progressive and also rebellious, despite the shade palette make the entirety logo look professional and also confident.

2013 — 2016

The redesign that 2013 lugged PewDiePie one emblem us still can see today and also it’s a excellent graphical enjoy of the channel’s mood and purpose. The stylized irradiate blue brofist through only four fingers is placed on a dark blue background through a gray outline, repeating the border of the letter “P”. Looking prefer a road sign, the icon became truly iconic and also today is synonymous with the renowned channel.

2016 — 2019

In 2016 PewDiePie starts using a red and black square through a psychedelic pattern as a part of its intuitive identity. The level red background has numerous smooth black color lines, which space slightly curved and also smooth ended, to create a sense of movement and also floating, reminding of the Dali melt clocks.

2019 — Today

Once again, the artist opted because that a psychedelic pattern. It was redrawn, and now consists of fewer elements, which renders it cleaner. The main color is no red but pink, if the black shade occupies an ext space than in the ahead version.



The present version that the PewDiePie logo design does no feature any type of text, so the is hardly feasible to comment on the typeface. However, the previous version was actually a wordmark sporting quite an original customized font.

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In addition to the continuous logo combining 2 shades that blue v grey, over there are also at the very least two different versions, wherein the shade palette is different.