The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still fantastic phone, also if that is two years old. And also with the upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo possibly you determined to usage it because that a small longer. If so, you’ll desire to save that large 5.5-inch curved display screen safe. With that in mind, these are the ideal Galaxy S7 Edge screen protectors.

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So, whether you discovered a great deal or are holding out for the Galaxy S10, the hardest part of making a phone critical is keeping the screen safe.

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One question we obtain asked frequently is if you deserve to use a display protector top top the bent glass. An ext importantly, tempered glass screen protectors and also not a cheap film the won’t last. The prize is yes, we’ve found several Galaxy S7 Edge display protectors that occupational great.

We’ve in-depth some fantastic official accessories for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge because that buyers, and some the the best cases, and also now you’ll desire to defend the screen.

Out that the box, the Galaxy S7 edge is plenty durable. Samsung added a scratch-resistant and strong Gorilla Glass 4 modern technology to both the front and the ago glass, yet that also way a drop could crack the glass on either side. It’s additionally IP68 dust and also water-resistant, so you won’t require a waterproof case.

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While we’ve discovered Galaxy S7 Edge display screen protectors for together low together $6, they’re cheap films. Instead, we recommend spending a little an ext on a long lasting tempered glass display protector indigenous a reliable brand. This glass is chemically strengthened because that durability and also scratch-resistant and also is generally your best bet. Obtain one today and also keep her phone for sure from life’s everyday hazards.

Popular brands favor Spigen and ZAGG have long lasting real glass display protectors too. One point to store in mental is the curved glass renders installs difficult to gain right. That takes patience or you deserve to buy a continual film indigenous our list below.

Skinomi Galaxy S7 leaf TechSkin

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I really like the take away S7 edge screen protector ideal one I have actually tried (and i tried 5 that them)

I think that most world today will certainly agree that Taken S7 edge display screen protector is more than likely the ideal screen protector because that the S7 edge. I gained mine below

sweet, you post an article with display protector that have actually horrible and also fake reviews on amazon……

What execute you think about the taken S7 edge screen protector? There are a lot of of good reviews because that this one and I’m tempted to get it

The downfall the the s7 sheet is you obtain crappy display protectors, with the glass one’s lock don’t fit exactly and also are elevated from the display itself. Through the continual ones, they space flimsy and soft and very complicated to placed on without dust or bubbles and also are impossible to reapply without adding a ton much more dust and bubbles. You can’t even use ice cream or dust removal sticker beacuse it’s for this reason sticky. You’re screwed either way and are required to use the s7 edge naked which dangers damaging the $800 screen. I’m gaining a G5 instead

Surprised that Gadgetshieldz full body security film is not included in this list. The ideal protection film for curved devices. Precisely the same ide as the Skinomi however gadgetshieldz is easily accessible at a far lower price. Protects the screen, body, sides consisting of the bent edges of the screen and also back. Heck, it also has a camera lens protection.