So you think you’re pretty fly via your OEM headlights carry out ya? I’ve got some news for you pal, you ain’t watched nothin’ yet. What if I told you that you could have street legal bulbs that were 100% brighter than your manufacturing facility bulbs? Sounds pretty awesome right? Sounds favor it could take many work right? Wrong. Unlike HID’s, there’s no ballasts or anything favor that to mount and also install. Philips Xtreme Vision and CrystalVision Ultra halogen headlights are as straightforward as removing the old bulb and popping your sweet new and also improved bulbs in. Not only are they method even more awesome and brighter than your old bulbs, they look sick even as soon as they’re not on also.

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So why Philips? Why not some various other brand? Well, did you recognize that around 60% of the OEM bulbs on the sector are currently made by Philips? You don’t get that sort of privilege by being lame.

So what are the different bulbs we carry?

First up is the X-Treme Vision series.

Available in the main bub sizes: 9003, 9006, 9007, 9008/H13 and also H7, these bulbs are approximately 100% brighter than any type of other halogen on the sector and are totally Department of Transportation (DOT) approved. These negative boys not just illuminate the the road farther, much better and also brighter; they additionally have a much much longer life time than competitors and also typical OEM bulbs.

Next off is the CrystalVision Ultra series.

While not rather as bright as the X-Treme Vision series, they’re still 80% brighter than your typical bulb. What sets them acomponent is that they are at 4000K which provides them the whitest and also closest to organic daylight out of any halogen bulb. This suggests that your eyes will be even more alert and will certainly considerably alleviate vision fatigue. CrystalVision Ultra are likewise available in a lot of lamp sizes; 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008/H13, H1, H3, H7, H11, 9140, 9145/H10, 9055/H12, 880, 893, H4651, H4656, H4666, H6024 and also H6054 every one of which are DOT apconfirmed.

We also carry manufacturing facility replacement HID headlights for certain vehicles which are 25% brighter than your usual HID light. Be certain to inspect the fit overview to see if your car is a complement.

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And if all this wasn’t a reason to get yourself some Philips lights there’s additionally the reality that Philips lights are environmentally friendly. They rerelocate the even more toxic and polluting products from their commodities such as lead, cadmium and also mercury AND they manufacturer their commodities in the most effective and also environmentally ways feasible.

So you’ve acquired brighter, even more sturdy and safer lights PLUS the the majority of eco-friendly lights as well. What are you waiting for!? GET SOME!