To discover out how to clean her Shaver, monitor our indict below based on the shaver friend have. Before cleaning her shaver always make certain it is waterproof, by trying to find a insanity or bath symbol published on the back.We advise cleaning your shaver after every cut for optimal performance. Depending upon your shaver model, you may see a notice symbol flashing on her shaver together a reminder to clean it.For exact cleaning instructions of her shaver model, refer to the user manual.

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Some of the latest Shaver models have actually a one-touch open device (see image). To clean this shavers, follow the procedures below. Switch on the shaver. Rinse the cut unit under a heat tap.Switch turn off the shaver. Press the release switch to open up the cut unit.Rinse the hair room under a warmth tap.Rinse the cut head holder under a warm tap.Carefully shake off excess water and also let the cut head holder air-dry completely.Close the cut unit. Watch the video below for cleaning instructions. This video belongs come the S9000 selection but likewise applies to the S1000, S3000, S6000 variety and also to some new shavers from the S5000 and S7000 range.  


If you have actually the Shavers S9000 or S7000 where the shaver head deserve to be totally removed, monitor the clean instructions specified below. Rotate on your shaver and rinse it under a heat water tap.Turn off the shaver and also remove the top component of your shaving head.Rinse the top part of her shaving head under warmth running water for at the very least 30 seconds. Attach it ago on the shaving head as soon as it is fully dry.Carefully shake turn off excess water from her shaver and let that air dry. Never ever dry the shaver head v a bath towel or tissue, together this may damages it. For deep cleaning follow the indict in your user manual.Watch the video below because that cleaning instructions. This video belongs to the varieties S7000 & S9000 (models from 2020 top top wards not included, see over section).

If you have actually a two-headed Shaver monitor the cleaning instructions below. Pull turn off the cut head from her Shaver.Rinse the cut head under a warmth water tap because that at the very least 30 seconds.Shake turn off the overabundance water from the shaving head and also let it air dry.Press the release switch to open the top component of the cut head and also pull it turn off the cut head. Wash it v water and also click it back on the cut head once it is clean and also dry.Once the shaving head is totally dry, reattach it to her Shaver.

Some Shavers come v click-on attachments like a mustache styler, or a cleaning brush. It is vital to keep these attachments clean.You deserve to pull lock off her shaver and rinse them through some warmth water. Once they room clean and dry, they have the right to be reassembled on her shaver.For details top top the attachments the come with your shaver and how to clean them, please refer to the user manual.

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If a pop-up trimmer is enclosed to your shaver, find here the indict on how to clean it.Clean the trimmer after ~ each usage to avoid clogging and damage. Make sure that the appliance is switched off and disconnected from the wall surface socket.Push the trimmer release slide under to open the pop-up trimmer.Switch top top the appliance and also rinse the pop-up trimmer with warmth water. After cleaning, switch off the appliance.Carefully shake off excess water and let the pop-up trimmer air dry. Close the trimmer. Tip: because that optimal performance, lubricate the teeth of the pop-up trimmer v a fall of mineral oil every 6 months.Note: never dry the trimmer teeth v a towel or tissue, as this may damage the trimmer teeth. 
Some Shavers can be cleaned in the SmartClean system. Please see the instructions below on how to clean her shaver in the SmartClean system. To wash the shaver under a warm water tap and shake off excess water native it.Press the top component of her SmartClean mechanism to open up the area whereby you deserve to place her shaver. Organize your shaver upside down pointing in the direction of the SmartClean system and place that in the SmartClean holder.Tilt the shaver backward and also press down the peak cap that the SmartClean system until girlfriend hear a click sound, confirming that the shaver is locked in.Press the on/off switch on the SmartClean device to begin the cleaning program. Friend will view a clean symbol blinking ~ above the SmartClean device confirming the the cleaning regime is working. If friend have much more questions concerning the cleaning instructions of your Shaver, describe your user hands-on or speak to us because that support.
If her shaver comes with a fast Clean Pod discover out here how to use it come clean her shaver. Please note that just the shavers that come v a quick Clean Pod in the box are compatible with this system.To easily verify if her shaver is compatible through the rapid Clean Pod turn it upside down. If you watch that the clean reminder (3 dots) transforms blue, this method you can use the quick Clean Pod to clean this shaver. Prepare the quick Clean Pod because that use and place the clean cartridge in it. Ar the shaver upside down into the fast Clean Pod. The shaver instantly detects that it is in the fast Clean Pod. Switch top top the shaver to start the cleaning program. Each cleaning regime takes approximately one minute. Throughout the cleaning regime the cleaning symbol lamp up continuously and also the blue symbol pulses. The cleaning regime is designed to have actually pauses to ensure the finest performance. Once the cleaning routine is completed the shaver manage vibrates twice. Let the shaver air-dry totally in the rapid Clean Pod prior to storing it.  Note: If you usage the shaver through shaving foam, shaving gel or pre-shave products, completely rinse the shaving heads prior to you use the Always shake excess water turn off the shaver before you ar it in the fast Clean Pod.  
The info on this page uses to the adhering to models: S9985/50 , S1121/40 , S3122/50 , S1323/40 , S1223/40 , S6630/11 , S7930/16 , SP9860/13 , SP9863/14 , S5420/06 , SW5700/07 , SW6700/14 , S1030/04 , S1520/21 , S3120/22 , S1110/21 , S7370/22 , S5070/21 , S7710/25 , S7530/24 , S5420/21 , S5370/25 , S9911/11 , S9031/21 , S9711/23 , S9511/23 , S9171/23 , RQ1150/17 , RQ1185/17 , RQ1285/22 , RQ1285/17 , RQ1285/16 , RQ1185/21 , RQ1185/42 , RQ1185/24 , RQ1185/22 , RQ1160/17 , RQ1180/17 , RQ1160/16 . Click below to show much more product number Click below to display less product number