When I click the quick choice tool and shot to select an item I acquire lines and it won"t go about to select the object. Instead, I gain a line. What must I examine to for sure the quick choice tool is allowed properly. In the attached picture I to be trying to use the quick an option tool to pick the absent hill top and also you can see ns just get the lines. I am using photoshop 2020. Thank you.

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The quick choose has no parameters various other than brush size.I think the trouble is there"s not lot of an edge because that it to occupational with.

I had a rapid go making use of your photo & tbh that was simpler to pick it every & remove the "sea" than start by adding "rocks". The end result wasn"t magnificent & I"d be much more inclined to use the lasso.



It"s probably due to the fact that there isn"t lot contrast between rocks and sea/water/surface. Both room darker at exact same time. Further, it would still could work if you had a high resolution image. Yet the one you"ve shared, has really low resolution, therefore quick an option doesn"t work as intended.

You can shot hit and also trial and might finish up acquiring an it s okay result, yet I"d introduce you should use pen tool instead, in such cases. I constantly use pen tool for practically all selections if it"s a experienced project.

Quick an option works pretty well and also sometimes can work even better than pen tool (For example selecting a square or pentagon with sufficient contrast and also sharp edges).

But for this particular image, pen tool seems a better idea. You deserve to use a short-term Levels adjustment class for more visibility by adjusting brightness/contrast.



You can change mask choices like feather.


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