What is a an excellent method for propagating fig cuttings? In my area close to Tacoma, ns get about 30% success, but most seem come rot in ~ the soil end. What are some tricks to acquire a far better % that rooted cuttings?

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Update. ~ 2 mainly in perlite and peat, 5 out of 8, fig cuttings are showing environment-friendly leaves. No one of the "baggie method," or the "lay em on their sides in a shallow damp trench outside," are showing any type of signs that growth. The one ns really want to thrive was Violet de Bouchet, and so far she is not providing me any type of green. The two ranges that do have actually leaves room Panachee and Mission, both of who I have actually heard have delicious fruit, and isn"t the the mission? I"m not greedy. I"ll keep among each variety and provide one of each to my kids.

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16 years ago
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Vermiculite is winning, yet it is still early.

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RE: Fig propagationPosted by: girlfromtheGarden z5 Indy metro (My Page) top top Sun, Mar 20, 05 in ~ 0:13

Jon - an excellent pics! exactly how long (on average) were the cuttings" length placed down right into the vermiculite or perlite mix? i tried using much longer cuttings this go-round for mine, probably all over from 3 1/2 come 5 inches. Wonder what you discover roots finest size-wise in your trials, or if other components (like the mix used, or moisture level, or type of cutting) was an ext significant.(Don"t girlfriend love the helpfulness of see-through rooting containers? I"ve recycled popular music bottles, fast-food soft drink cups, noþeles that gives me a "window" to the root zone come double-check progress.)



RE: Fig propagationPosted by: pitangadiego san Diego, CA (My Page) ~ above Sun, Mar 20, 05 at 1:42

You have the right to see exactly how long the cuttings are above the rooting medium - numerous of the Davis cuttings this year were quite generous. I try to "bury" them virtually to the bottom that the cup - so about 4ish inches. Interestingly, the vermiculite doesn"t clump, so as soon as I remove the rooted cut from the rooting cup, many of the vermiculite drops away, revealing the roots. Some cuttings root just at the an extremely bottom, some at a node further up, and some anywhere the cutting. Also, with several cuttings of the very same variety, some have displayed roots for two weeks or more, and some of the same variety, potted in ~ the exact same time, still show no roots, also though they have actually leaves. Walk figure.


refrigerationPosted by: Joxo1990 CA (My Page) on Fri, Mar 25, 05 at 23:05

I to be wondering if the refrigeration procedure was nesacery? ns took cut of my figs and stuck them directly into the ground, and also I to be hoping they would grow. I am still wait on that though. So much they have not readjusted at all.


RE: Fig propagationPosted by: pitangadiego san Diego, CA (My Page) on Sat, Mar 26, 05 at 0:34

Joxo,I carry out not know, yet a other that has actually been law this because that 30-40 years stated this was his method, and also I was having actually less that mainly success, so i went v it this year. I have actually planted some straight into pots, and sometimes they do OK, and also other time it has been greatly a loss.


RE: Fig propagationPosted by: Georgia_Jack z7 GA (My Page) ~ above Sun, Jun 19, 05 at 21:02

I"ve never ever tried to source anything however dormant cuttings before. However, I had to reduced a path in between two the my bigger fig trees about three main ago. Lock were currently leafed out and even had tiny figs ~ above them. Short on time, but not wanting come waste the cuttings, I reduced the limbs right into 12-inch lengths, crammed around 25 of them right into a huge planter, filled the up v dirt from the garden, and also placed the in the shade next to a water faucet. I"ve retained it watered and brand-new leaves are sprouting the end everywhere. Even a thumb-sized fig that i left top top one watch healthy. Roots? Can"t tell right now, yet I"m optimistic. Ns hope to distribute some well-rooted plants to the neighborhood garden society that shown an interest. In ~ my lake place where I have a vast Celeste, I spanned a foot or less of some low-hanging limbs with dirt and also put a rock on them several weeks ago. When I uncovered lock the various other day, castle looked favor millipedes! extensively rooted. I clipped them and also gave them to a neighbor. The is definitely the surest way to root a fig.


RE: Fig propagationPosted by: chills 6b (??) Mi (My Page) ~ above Mon, Jun 20, 05 in ~ 16:21

Re: Davis cuttings.The White Texas Everbearing 2 of three cuttings rooted the end nicely as of this morning. I offered dip-n-grow top top these around 3 main ago.

I"ve still acquired three other kinds the I"ve had actually in meduim for 3weeks come 7 weeks. One, perhaps two, Celestes look at promising. Possibly one gold Celeste too. Panachee not doing anything (as far as I"ve noticed)

All are exterior at this point, I"m hoping for a little warmth to reason the cuttings to start in earnest.


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i must admit the i have tried several ways to propagate fig cuttings. The plastic bag, vermiculite in pots, placing them in coffee containers through wet record towels and also a plastic bag, and also just wounding the bottom and also dipping them in rooting hormone climate placing lock in one gallon pots through potting soil... Out of every the approaches i discover that simply sticking castle in pots through potting soil and putting them in a shady spot has proven the simplest and most effictive.i even place 6 cuttings in peat moss cups and also buried them in around two inch of potting inside a three gallon pot provided me great results, 5 out the six have leaves after ~ three and a half weeks. Ns think that acquisition a knife and wounding the area where you dip the in the rooting hormone provides a huge difference. The energy of the cutting goes to the wounded area and enhances development of root that obtain the small fellow going.