Cutting the cord has actually never to be easier. Thanks to cable instead of streaming services from the likes that YouTube TV and Hulu, dumping cable or satellite but maintaining accessibility to live streaming tv is feasible. PlayStation, while a long-time gaming heavyweight, honed that is chops in the house theatre space. Return both the playstations 2 and original Xbox flaunted DVD playback capabilities, the Xbox compelled Microsoft’s DVD Playback Kit to play DVDs. Compare that to the PS2’s controller i m sorry doubled together a remote. Likewise, the game stations 3 introduced with a Blu-ray drive inside, whereas the Xbox 360 readily available an HD DVD drive marketed separately. Cleverly, Sony incorporated home theatre functionality v its gaming consoles. Together such, the following logical jump to be a foray into the streaming space. This shown up in a cable replacement streaming service, playstations Vue. PS Vue offers lots of channels, a solid DVR, and also apps for a selection of devices. Discover out if PS Vue is any great in this playstation Vue review!

PlayStation Vue Review: What is PS Vue?

PlayStation Vue is one over-the-top (OTT) cable instead of streaming service. Similar to Hulu + Live TV or YouTube TV, there’s a live tv component, DVR functionality, and on-demand content as well. Since PS Vue operates much the exact same as a traditional cable or satellite package, it’s a acquainted experience for many.

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PlayStation Vue Cost

The most noticeable PlayStation Vue compatible tools are, well, playstation consoles. Both the game stations 3 and PS4 operation PS Vue. Additionally, game stations Vue apps are available for Roku set-top boxes and also TVs, to apologize TV, Android and also Android TV, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire tablets, Chromecast, and browser-based streaming. Furthermore, there’s a PS Vue Kodi app which is pretty easy to install. Together such, you can watch playstation Vue ~ above Kodi.

PS Vue compatible devices: 

PS3 and also PS4RokuAmazon Fire TVAmazon Fire tabletsApple TVAndroidAndroid TViOSChromecastBrowser streaming

Is PS Vue good – have to You usage PlayStation Vue?

Now for the genuine question, is PS Vue any good? with its tiered plans, top-notch streaming quality, and lush user interface, PS Vue is a worthy cable replacement. I was a little bit disappointed in ~ the lack of particular local networks such as NBC, though an OTA antenna easily resolves that issue. If the accessibility package continues to be competitive, the channel lineup isn’t as robust for the price as services such together Hulu + Live TV or YouTube TV. Particularly if you opt for the an extensive $85/month Ultra package, it’s quite expensive. Game stations Vue drops in one awkward clues that’s not as affordable together budget-priced choices such together Sling TV, at&t Watch TV, or Philo. Nor does that boast the channel lineup, at least at its most reasonable tier, the YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. Yet, I quite appreciated the streaming high quality which, in a internet browser, may be the best in-class. Plus, the Kodi PS Vue add-on is a pleasant option for Kodi buffs.

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Sporting activities streaming truly dominates, especially with the ease of access of sought-after networks like NFL Network. Because that gamers benefitting from PS to add discounts, PS Vue is a no-brainer.

PS Vue pros:

Excellent streaming qualityGood DVR (Unlimited recording of up to 500 shows, conserved for 28 days)Great machine compatibility5 simultaneous streams (2 in-home, 3 ~ above mobile)Lots of plan optionsGreat for sports streamingKodi PS Vue add-on available

PS Vue cons:

DVRed recordings only saved because that 28 daysGets high-quality quicklyBase package channel lineup lacking