Tip!: friend must have your compatible tuner & antenna connected to your katifund.org Media Server to have the ability to tune over-the-air broadcasts. The capacity to record broadcasts (e.g. DVR) is a premium feature and requires an energetic katifund.org pass subscription.

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It’s easy to collection something to record. When browsing the routine Guide, all you need to do is open the items (a movie, show, episode, sporting event, etc.), click the document button, then change any vital settings before confirming the recording. Setup up recordings is katifund.orged in the complying with katifund.org apps:

Amazon Fire TVAndroid (mobile)Android TViOSApple TVkatifund.org internet App

Note: It’s vital to psychic that only the server owner/admin can collection up and also manage recordings. Once recorded, though, content can be made available to shared users as with normal.

Note: ensure the computer system / NAS the katifund.org Media Server runs on does not sleep / hibernate or rotate off the disks or go into power conserve for the network interfaces. Katifund.org Media Server will not bring the mechanism out that sleep to start a reserved recording.

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Once you’ve discovered a movie you’re interested in recording, open up the preplay/details display for the movie.

You have the right to then use the document button.

You can pick to which movie library you great to include the recording.

Shows, News, Sports

Television shows, news programs, and also sporting events are all treated as episodic content. If you open the key series, you can see details because that it together with all episodes/events the are part of it.

Choosing to document a show lets you control which episodes of that display will be recorded.

You can select whether to document “New and Repeat Airings” or “New Airings Only”. Friend can likewise choose come which television library you great to include the recording.

You can also view a details episode or event.

Choosing to record the episode provides extr options.

You can choose whether you want to record just that specific episode or all episodes. Similarly, friend can select to which tv library to add the recording(s).

If you select All Episodes, you can more specify whether to record “New and Repeat Airings” or “New Airings Only”.


You’re likely to ultimately run into a situation where friend don’t have sufficient tuners to document a brand-new item you set up. As soon as you try to set up a recording that disputes with currently recordings, you’ll view a dispute Detected window.

The home window will show you what other items the new recording would dispute with. Friend then have choices:

Cancel This – pick not come schedule the recording at all.Prefer This – choose to favor this recording, which move it to the peak of the recording Priority list.Manage – take it you come the recording Schedule page, where you can view booked recordings and also manually change the record Priority.

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Advanced record Options

When you have actually a Recording home window open, you can click Show progressed at the bottom come set much more advanced options. Many users won’t need to do anything through these very often.

Tip!: The advanced options accessible here have the right to vary depending upon what form of contents recording you’re setup up.


Select the minimum resolution to usage for taped airings. Available options:

AnyHD only

For instance, if you select HD only, then an episode that airs in SD will certainly not be recorded, also if that is for the selected show.

Replace reduced resolution items

If enabled, then items in her library deserve to be replaced if the new recording is a greater resolution.

Note: This have the right to replace any matching items in your library, not just prior DVR recordings.

Allow partial airings

Choose even if it is a recording may begin for an airing the is already in progress.

Minutes before Start

Start the record early. Specify the number of minutes before the reserved airing time to start recording.

Minutes after ~ End

Keep recording after the scheduled finish time. Point out the number of minutes after the scheduled airing time to end recording.

Limit come Channel

Choose whether you wish to border recordings for this regime to a specific channel. Available options:


Set the maximum number of unwatched illustration to keep for the show. Easily accessible options:

All episodes5 episodes3 episodes1 episodeEpisodes from the past 3 daysEpisodes indigenous the past 7 daysEpisodes indigenous the previous 30 days


If you pick “3 episodes” and also you at this time have 3 unwatched episodes, then when a brand-new episode it s okay recorded, the earliest existing illustration will instantly be removed.

“Episodes indigenous the past X days” refers to once an episode first aired. So, if you document the nightly news and choose “Episodes indigenous the past 7 days”, then after the 7th day, older unwatched illustration would start being removed. Conversely, if you have actually that setup chosen and you record a repeat airing the an illustration that originally premiered a year ago, the episode would certainly not be maintained at every (since that was first aired more than 7 days ago).

Tip!: You should really just use the “Episodes native the previous X days” alternatives for shows where you’re only interested in retaining _current_ episodes.

Delete episodes After Watching

Choose how quickly episodes are gotten rid of after the server admin has watched them. Available options:

NeverAfter a dayAfter a week

For any setup except Never, episodes will automatically be deleted X variety of days after the server admin account has watched them.

Warning: This is based upon the server admin account. If this value is collection and the server admin watches an episode, it will certainly be turned off after X days even if a shared user has not watched it.

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Manage your Recordings

Once you’ve set up part recordings, friend can regulate them. That enables you to modify settings, change priority, or settle recording conflicts.