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mistermann on january 12, 2017 | parent | favourite | on: Streama – A self-hosted streaming application with...
for me, Plex drops flat in that it watch can't handle non-formal video clip files like house movies, in that it isn't maybe to find for words within record names, and also it is really painful come view long filenames.I posted on the support forums at the very least twice and was said (not sure if through maintainers or simply other users) the I'm basically an idiot because that wanting to perform that.So, i am really looking front to something brand-new in this space.

Yes, for something the is therefore full-featured and sophisticated, I uncovered the media filename worries to it is in exasperating.For those the aren't familiar with it, Plex calls for a details filename format. If you take place to have actually a media paper that is named "wrongly" it either won't display up or the will try to randomly guess: v what it is so that it can display screen DVD-title picture in her library. There appears to it is in no way to just pressure it come accept whatever filename girlfriend want. (This might have readjusted in the last year or so since I uninstalled Plex).

in reality there space various methods to get appropriate matches there is no the specific filenaming convention castle recommend. There's a function where you can "Fix not correct Match" described here:https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/201018497-Fix-Inco...This allows you pick the movie/show/whatever manually indigenous a few different sources. If your media isn't immediately recognized, you deserve to do this to exactly it.Additionally, they have a "Personal Media" metadata agent you can choose for media that's her own personal media (like residence videos) i m sorry will enable plex to review the metadata straight from the document instead of in search of a match. There's an ext info on that here:https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200265246I have actually never had actually the worry you defined where other doesn't present up at all, simply that it's incorrectly matched (in which case the tile will just show a screenshot and also the title will just be the filename)Additionally, I've found that if you use their encourage folder structure, the filenames matter much less. Because that example, if you have this directory:/Media/TV Shows/Show Name/Season 1/It seems like as lengthy as the file contains the season/episode favor "S01E01" the will complement correctly based on the catalog information. Ns haven't messed v it much however I have actually never had to rename a document to get plex to acknowledge it when I use directories prefer this

crispyambulance on january 12, 2017 <–>
Thanks, this provides me desire to provide Plex an additional try.

phusion on jan 12, 2017 <–>
the is yes, really great, I have it to run on two cheapo linux VMs and my gaming box back home. It's great to be able to watch on mine phone, iPad, netbook, laptop, desktop etc and the solve Incorrect enhance feature works just fine.. I don't even create the Season XX folders, simply /media/TV/ShowName/Filename.SxxExx.mkvor whatever and most multi-worded collection dont enhance correctly through themselves, editing and enhancing it once and also putting spaces in functions 95% that the time.

Agreed that the rigidity about library corresponding is disappointing; I've found this is the case with most of this media scanners, and also not simply Plex specifically. XBMC allowed the user to include his/her very own regexes to the matchers last time i tried it, however I don't think the Plex does.I know that there room potentially limitless permutations, but I think at least a slightly more comprehensive set that default regexes and/or a better way come fingerprint would certainly be a lot nicer. Appears one could hash chunks the the record and compare against a database to identify media there is no considering the filename in ~ all; that'd it is in the many convenient.If Plex isn't corresponding what you want, note the media kind "Home Videos". That matches everything.
> If Plex isn't equivalent what you want, mark the media form "Home Videos". The matches everything.Does it do wildcard find then? critical time I confirm Plex wasn't capable of "select * indigenous movies wherein filename prefer 'whatever', and from analysis the court this was an extremely much no accidental, it appeared to be a issue of rule to castle for part reason.Even if that works, the i can not qualify to view lengthy filenames is a deal breaker anyways because that me (again, I have a emotion the answer to this would be "you're doing that wrong").
many of the workflows that feed right into Plex manage this quite seamlessly. To it is in honest, ns never also knew it had actually an issue, so I'm speaking the end of a state that blissful ignorance that filenames—but that's exactly how I desire it to be, therefore can't complain.
I relocated from Plex to Emby for precisely that annoyance. (Emby is better but no perfect on that issue...)
as a lengthy time plex user, I'm tempted to try out Emby merely for one reason.- that is the GPU assisted transcoding. Plex tho doesn't have actually hardware transcoder support.
thanks for introducing Emby, never ever heard the it. The retarded taking care of of filenames was exactly why I stopped using Plex!
TBH, I might have offered something rather entirely, but I had a Roku hooked to mine TV i beg your pardon I've been completely happy through for the other networks it provides, and also so Emby won out for me since it likewise has a Roku channel.
I understand that over there are extensions to expropriate XBMC/Kodi-style .nfo XML documents for metadata. I would think it possible to use those come tell Plex to use every little thing you explicitly collection as the title.
> can't manage non-formal video files like residence movies,FWIW I have actually videos on mine Plex system ranging earlier for numerous years taken indigenous at least 3 various cameras (highest end from only a Nikon V1 mirrorless though) and 5 phones/tablets.I can't speak I've played every one of these earlier on every devices, but I have actually (or have actually had) a Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Samsung ~2012 smart TV, Roku2, Asrock Ion 330 running Plex home Theater ~ above Win8 and later Win10, as well as a pair phones/tablets and also PC (via net UI) as an interface to Plex.Really the just time I've ever before had a playback worry is as soon as my made-from-old-parts server has actually the CPU maxed out as result of some other application going crazy, and also then Plex playback will certainly pause a couple times a minute. I really can't think of any kind of time I've had content it simply can't play.I'm a large fan that Plex. I started using MythTV back in mid-2000s, switched come SageTV for a couple of years (due come the awesome HD300 devices), and very reluctantly (at first) switched come Plex ~3-4 year ago.
Oh, it will play them just fine, but great luck recognize the video clip you're looking for when the keyword starts at the 50th personality in the filename."Oh, that's together an sheet case" - well, sure, yet it is also completely not daunting to implement:a) wildcard find on filenamesb) include a list setting that reflects the finish filename, quite than having to sit and also watch it scroll (say you've obtained 50 videos number #1 thru #50 and you want to play #39 - have actually fun v that)
I use to usage Plex and also really chosen it. If I ever got a TV again, that's what ns was going come use, but I had no idea it had a 50 personality filename search limitation. That's for this reason weird!
oh no, there's no limit, it simply can't search filenames (last time I checked anyways), and also there's no practical method to view lengthy filenames.
fine that's terrific katifund.org, happy to see they changed their mind.Sadly, it still falls short for me as many of my record names are quite lengthy with the differentiating facet being beyond the 80th character. The choice to pave filenames would solve that problem.
There's a thumbnail view, a thorough view, and a list view. Walk the list see truncate the title? I only started making use of Plex a couple of days back but i don't recall it cut names short when ns swapped come the List check out for a moment.I'll inspect again tonight once I get the possibility - however I imagine a surname would must be quite long for List see to no be good enough (assuming that doesn't truncate).E:Thank you gregmac because that checking and also reporting in v your findings. :)
You have to mark the ideal media form in Plex. "Movies" and also "TV" will match against details regexes, otherwise castle won't display up. "Home Videos" will match everything. I organize my residence videos via Plex and also it functions fine. I also host a downloads folder as media type "Home Videos" for assorted videos because this is the only method to acquire it to match everything.With XBMC, you offered to have the ability to go ago into the library settings and add/change the regexes you yourself (was advantageous on shows like Avatar the would speak to seasons "books"). I wasn't able to figure out how to do this with Plex.
freshly Plex has come to be quite turbulent for me. Constantly causing clients to disconnect, even when they're top top the regional network. All began happening ~ they included in th "brain" feature.
Plex doesn't manage your media, it just presents it and makes it accessible, if you desire media supervisors look at Sonarr (https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr) and Radarr (https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr)
cookiecaper on jan 12, 2017 <–>
it looks like your articles are gift autokilled (and mainly for great reason). Ns vouched for this one.
mastax on jan 12, 2017 <–>
See likewise https://sickrage.github.io/I haven't watched Sonarr before, it looks quite polished.

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I have the right to recommend it. I have actually a setup v Sonarr, SABnzbd and also Kodi plus a below to a nice european usenet server. Hardware is mine desktop, a 4 TB NAS and a fireTV. All told a couple of hundred dollars and TV shows display up automatically for me, regularly within an hour of airing.This is the first I have actually heard that Radarr though. (Sonarr yet with Movie retrieval). I'll have actually to inspect it out.