Like modern-day operating systems, the Media Server uses a concept of placing items in the “trash” prior to they’re permanently removed. If you relocate or delete the record for a library item or if the document somehow i do not care unavailable, climate the library item will certainly be placed into the “trash” on your Media Server. This helps prevent versus items gift accidentally or unintentionally gotten rid of from her Library. It deserve to be an especially helpful in cases where a journey or network share where content is save isn’t accessible when a Library upgrade occurs. By default, the article will continue to be in the trash until you carry out an “Empty Trash” on her Server.

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If an object is currently in the trash, it can be revitalized back to the Library by make the file for the library item obtainable again in ~ the meant location. Vice versa, if you execute an “Empty Trash” on her Server, then the item is discarded from the trash and can no much longer be immediately restored.

Items currently in the trash will certainly be displayed with a trashcan symbol superimposed over the poster.

When city hall the details because that such one item, over there will likewise be an “Unavailable” indicator.

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Automatically north Trash

By default, items discovered removed indigenous a Library are inserted in the trash until the rubbish is emptied. Girlfriend can select to have your Server automatically empty the trash after ~ every scan occurs if friend wish. To do so:

Open net AppGo to Settings Select the preferred Media ServerEnable the north trash automatically after every scan optionSave Changes

Warning!: permitting this option method that content will certainly be eliminated from your Library immediately with no opportunity to merely restore the if there to be a mistake.

Manually empty Trash

If you have actually items in the Media Server trash the you’re prepared to remove, you can empty the trash. Once you select to empty the trash, you’ll should confirm the you wish to execute so.

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Empty Trash because that a specific Library

If you just wish to north the trash because that a certain Library, you have the right to do therefore from within the Library.

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Open net AppGo come Settings Select the preferred Media ServerOpen the Libraries menuHover over the wanted library and also press the `…` button and also select empty Trash…Confirm the action

When initiated from in ~ a specific Library, just trash in ~ that details Library will certainly be emptied.