I had actually this problem. Rotate out ns was utilizing a bad date format. I wanted to just get in the year due to the fact that I didn’t understand the month and day, however the layout is YYYY-MM-DD, and also nothing else will certainly work. The post doesn’t give any type of hint about which field validation failed or how.

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Im having actually the exact same issue. Cannot choose films. Can only pick other videos. The language home window shows up for a 2nd and then disappears.

I likewise had this issue in chrome, switching to safari addressed it because that me. The a UI an insect where the language drop under is concealed (at least in my case) and not appropriately filled v options.

In my situation PMS had a hissy right (Nvidia Shield) and was likewise causing “Your alters could not be saved” when saving a new library. Very first I thought PMS had worries accessing my NAS yet that to be fine so ended up walking to device Apps/katifund.org Server and force closeup of the door it. Then opened it again magically everything started working. I moved away from Kodi and also paid for katifund.org reasoning it wouldn’t have actually these bugs however I guess ns was wrong.

In my instance it helped transforming the lang come NONE for music libraries. Also, also though the server was throwing up and error article it actually saved the settings. katifund.org server or RasPI

Having a comparable issue here, in mine Photos library though…

I am trying to adjust the ar of my picture library (the new location is a subfolder of the initial location).

I was properly able to include the new folder, and also when ns did, ns left that alone for a couple of days so it could fully sync etc. Before I made any other changes.

Now I’d favor to eliminate the initial folder (so that only the new location remains in the library), and also I keep gaining the “could not be saved” article after i click the X next to the initial location, then conserve changes.

I make the efforts language English and None, various browsers, and also the app.katifund.org.tv technique without any luck. I’ve also rebooted the PMS device (Win 10) between each approaches to make certain it’s “clean” before starting something new.

Any other suggestions?

Nenra might 23, 2020, 4:01am #50

Having the exact same issue. Ns am unable to create any type of libraries. Every time I acquire your alters cannot be conserved message. Because that me the language drop down is correct, no worry there. For a while ns was maybe to produce a photograph library, and other videos yet all others would certainly not work. Currently though none of them will work. It is infuriating. Any support would be wonderful.

owenrg might 28, 2020, 3:30pm #51

I fallowed this pointer on relocating my katifund.org server from home windows to unraid: https://support.katifund.org.tv/articles/201370363-move-an-install-to-another-system/

I can readjust my movies library location simply fine, but not my TV shows. I adjusted permissions on every my folders and also that seemed to fix it.

It did take it a couple of steps though

i followed all the steps in the link above (not the scope of this article but just in situation someone rather is having my issue)Tried to adjust the library route from mine old path (Z:/TV) to my new path top top unraid (/tv) and also get the “your transforms could not be saved”.I shut down the katifund.org docker, and ran new permissions under tools.Back right into katifund.org, had actually to change the TV folder to a different folder as it was still mirroring /tv and also saved.went earlier to modify the TV folder course again come /tv, saved simply fine.

I think the crucial was transforming folder permissions and also changing/saving the tv folder as a brand-new path, then an altering it earlier to /tv.

Hope this helps anyone else!

rbeatse June 25, 2020, 1:02pm #52

Windows 10I moved a team of folders to a brand-new drive and tried to move the folder pointer. It operated fine for a majority of them. However, I have actually 3 folders, each v their own library, that room for various family residence movies. Only one of the three would allow me to readjust the folder to monitor.

All three use the same general folder naming (no unique characters, etc) and also they all use the same other settings like media scanner, etc. They room all TV libraries.

I have actually tried optimizing the database and also cleaned bundles. That is the exact same if ns am utilizing the desktop app, or the web browser on different computers or also on my iPad. I have actually tried many browsers as well.

Any thoughts?

wittigeo July 14, 2020, 3:05am #53

I am another having the exact same issue. I have the right to see my library files however cannot save them. I additionally get the message " A problem has to be detected through a core component of katifund.org Media Server." I have actually deleted and also re-installed katifund.org Server come no avail. If you number this out, please share v me.

phoop July 15, 2020, 12:32am #54

Thanks! “Have girlfriend tried turning it turn off and ago on again?”

Thing that did work:sudo reboot (starting/stopping the service probably wouldve worked)

Things that didn’t work:use the app.katifund.org.tvfiddle with the empty language dropdown which to be not empty after reboottrying a different browserdisabling ublock/extensionsfiddling through different species of media (‘other videos’, etc.)looking in the log file didn’t help

baChewieChomp July 17, 2020, 6:31pm #55

I am gaining “Your transforms could not be saved.” ~ above Win2016, regional disk, an easy path. Do the efforts to readjust a sensible library indigenous one disc letter to another, make the efforts multiple browsers/local-remote. Language, and also all necessary options checked, tried adding it together the other, no dice.Still very-much broken.

EDIT: ~ making lot of attempts (using app.katifund.org), each receiving the “could not be saved” message I was able to add the brand-new path beside the present path. The took over 5-10 minute (perhaps large path changes take also long and also the error kicks the end under a time-out rule) but while F5’ing to examine I witnessed it consistently remain. After ~ multiple other attempts (all receiving the error) I was able to delete the old course I to be replacing.

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jukin July 19, 2020, 12:36pm #56

PetrN July 19, 2020, 7:51pm #57

Wow, this need to be the very an initial answer in Google

Many thanks!

kourchenko_gmail_com July 28, 2020, 2:53pm #58

this resolved my problem, I had to re-do the finish permissions because that my media HDD

mcrommert respectable 8, 2020, 3:30pm #59

I have a very big library and also my tv reflects library has about 10 mounts ~ above it

I constantly have this issue yet just save hitting save and also on the nine or 10th shot it will take

This has been mine experience

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