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2XChest53 1/2"136cm
2XSleeve Length26 1/2"67cm
2XJacket size (front)25"64cm
2XJacket size (back)46"117cm
2XVest Length24"61cm
2XJabot Neck Circumference18"46cm
2XJabot Length12"30cm
2XPants Waist41"104cm
3XChest57 1/2"146cm
3XSleeve Length27"69cm
3XJacket size (front)25"64cm
3XJacket length (back)46"117cm
3XVest Length25"64cm
3XJabot Neck Circumference19"48cm
3XJabot Length12"30cm
3XPants Waist45"114cm
4XChest61 1/2"156cm
4XSleeve Length27 1/2"70cm
4XJacket size (front)25"64cm
4XJacket length (back)47"119cm
4XVest Length25"64cm
4XJabot Neck Circumference20 1/2"52cm
4XJabot Length12"30cm
4XPants Waist49"124cm
5XChest65 1/2"166cm
5XSleeve Length27 1/2"70cm
5XJacket length (front)26"66cm
5XJacket length (back)47"119cm
5XVest Length26"66cm
5XJabot Neck Circumference22"56cm
5XJabot Length12"30cm
5XPants Waist53"135cm
6XChest69 1/2"177cm
6XSleeve Length28 1/2"72cm
6XJacket size (front)27"69cm
6XJacket length (back)48"122cm
6XVest Length26"66cm
6XJabot Neck Circumference23"58cm
6XJabot Length12"30cm
6XPants Waist57"145cm