ANN ARBOR, MI - The cell phone gaming application Pokemon Go was released in phibìc America just four days ago, yet it has already taken smartphones across the nation by storm.

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The game allows ordinary human being to become Pokemon "trainers," contending to it is in "the really best, choose no one ever was."

The gallery above offers a look a several of the renowned gaming locations, or "gyms" where players space gathering to do fight in Ann Arbor.

Nintendo receipt the game as "augmented reality," because of its usage of players' phone cameras and overlaying graphics to do it seem together if Pokemon are appropriate in front of the player, or trainer, together they're called in the game.

PokemonGo acquired its name due to the fact that it encourages players to obtain up and also move around, using gps to track movements, garnering rewards provided at different locations, called Pokestops, because that the player the much more they move around.

Hordes of world can be seen about downtown Ann Arbor go the streets, call in hand, furiously swiping to record a Pokemon, reaping the rewards that a Pokestop or difficult others in ~ a "gym" - one arena-like virtual location where Pokemon go head-to-head.

Pokestops deserve to be discovered virtually everywhere, top top every block in downtown Ann Arbor. There space over 10 gyms in the prompt downtown, and also even an ext on the edge of the city. There space gyms in ~ the State Theatre, Aut Bar, The huge House and also The Cube top top campus at the college of Michigan.

Popular Pokemon in Ann Arbor it seems ~ to it is in Drowzee, Rattata and Weedle, however rarer Pokemon can be discovered with a little luck and due diligence.

Popular gyms and also Pokestops deserve to be found easily - groups of people will conference in a specific area to play together.

Players Ryan Goff, 21, and also Tyler Moulds, 21, both the Monroe, could be uncovered at The Cube. They had actually traveled native Monroe into Ann Arbor particularly to beat the game.

"We definitely plan on going come Detroit come play at some time this week," stated Goff. "It was yes, really amazing, ns was surprised at how many civilization were out just in Monroe."

There have actually been events popping up because that avid customers to satisfy up and walk downtown to play the game, and also there have been facebook groups for game coordination.

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