Pokemon Go is one of the best-augmented reality games that are available in the sector. The game was released in 2016 & since then, it has been running strong. Well, Niantic newly launched 2 brand-new features for the game dubbed Buddy Adundertaking & Shared AR Experiences.

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The brand-new Buddy Adendeavor attribute permits Pokemon to follow their trainers on the overhuman being map. Players have the right to currently also play & feed their Buddy Pokemon with different kinds of items. Buddy Pokemon can also help in capturing if it gets excited enough.


Apart from this, now, Niantic released Pokesoptimal & Gym contributions. In which eligible Pokemon Go Trainers have the right to indicate improvements to Pokestops, and also Gyms such as titles, descriptions, and photos. However, these suggestions have the right to be submitted for approval via Niantic Wayfarer. You have the right to learn even more about the subgoals by heading right here.

Well, Niantic got an overwhelming response from players and has currently disabled Pokesoptimal & Gym contributions due to stcapacity issues. Niantic will further update players as soon as contributions go live again. Have a look at the official statement down below.


Acomponent from that, the Team Go Rocket Leaders’ lineup has actually likewise obtained changed. Also, some brand-new Shadow Pokemon have actually made their entry to the game. You have the right to check the complete list by heading here. Speaking of Shadow Pokemon, they are Pokemon through an evil and also dark aura. Shadow Pokemon deserve to be saved via a process dubbed Purification.


For a quick refresher, the freshly included Buddy Adventure attribute is not working effectively in AR mode for many users. Well, Niantic is currently investigating all AR-associated issues & resolve for the same will certainly arrive quickly. You have the right to inspect its even more details by heading below.

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Some players are finding it tricky to rise friendship level through Buddy Pokemon. Well, players have the right to improve the friendship level by earning affection.Speaking of Affection, it is measured in hearts. Players can earn more hearts by trying out via Buddy on the map, by battling with Buddy, by playing and feeding your Buddy, and also by taking snapshots of Buddy.

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