Many people have checked out the benefit of establishing their Pokémon names so that sorting alphabetically will put certain ones prior to others. For example, if you have a team you want to be able to conveniently pick for a raid, you can desire to make it so that sorting alphabetically moves the team members to the top. However, I tfinish to have actually a bunch of categories, so I wanted to know what chars would certainly work-related finest for me. I have searched and discovered a number of posts/sites that have actually some excellent information, yet none that had whatever I wanted.

So, I visited the initiative of figuring out how the totality point works and made my very own referral. I hope it helps you as well.

Of course you have to recognize what chars will end up wright here when you type. I used my Android Galaxy Tab E tablet, which has a little amount of chars more than on my Galaxy Edge S7 phone.

#1 Special Chars onStandard AndroidKeyboard

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#2 Numerical Chars Chars Keep in mind Example 0-9
Sorted Alphabetically "1" #3 Alphabetical Chars Rule Example
Base letters are sorted alphabetically. "a" BEFORE their equivalent base. "r"
Special Cases Char Issue Space
- Ignored
+ Ignored
" Ignored
§ Accessed by pressing and holding S key
ß Accessed by pressing and also holding S keyNote: More or less, the ß is a funding "sz" in Germale.
Unicode outside ANSI Can appear all over and have to be tested 1-by-1.

Tbelow are some neato Unicode chars, that can be provided to combine a couple of digits right into a solitary char. (Like for IV scores.)

Unfortunately, at this time they only have actually 0-50, so it can"t be supplied efficiently for IV scores. Also, some of the Unicode chars will not display screen in Pokémon GO. But tbelow are enough that it have the right to be an excellent assist.

Note: I am not aware of a method to input these characters utilizing the key-board on the gadget.

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Instead, you"ll must copy and also paste them.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9