If a friend encounters a Pokémon, the doesn"t disappear directly. So i should have the ability to catch it, as well.

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My inquiry is, how long does it remain there? deserve to I still intend to find it over there a few hours later, or also a job later?



Pokemon execute not "move" in GO. Once they generate in a location, they often tend to remain there until despawn.

Pokemon have actually an attribute i beg your pardon controls spawn behavior (likely TimeTillHiddenMs and ExpirationTimeMs in the protobuf files), which identify their spawn length. Because that the most part, Pokemon will certainly despawn either 15, 30, or 45 minute after originally spawning, although part outliers perform exist as this is a server-side variable.


Once a Pokemon spawns in one area, they carry out not relocate in the area till they despawn. So normally they will be in the same spot because that 15 minutes.

What"s no clear is when they despawn, there does it seems ~ to be a much better than random opportunity they will certainly respawn in an surrounding area. I"m not sure how huge a video game area is, yet it is at least several city blocks.


I"m not convinced of the prize above. All the "good" Pokemon ns come throughout seem come move about frequently, and quickly until they present up ~ above the screen. One moment it"ll appear, and also it"ll it is in gone just a couple minutes into the search, or the foot-prints for a solitary Pokemon will boost or decrease there is no my even moving.


I have looked in ~ pokemon, refreshed the game every minute, and also a pokemon despawns ~ 30 minutes or periodically 1 hour. There is a Silph road thread with an ext discussion.

I have spawns over by the next door neighbors and two, two houses down that I have the right to reach indigenous the leaf of my property. They generate random pokemon ~ above the hour in the specific same spots. One spawns specifically on the hour and the other two, 10 minutes later. Castle despawn after 15 minutes. The last half hour, there is nothing come get. My guess is the spawn areas marked by the ruffling leaves flying up as you look about have various clockwork spawn and despawn times. There seems to be as I can tell 3 spawns per generate location. There might be much more and my radar doesn"t quite reach the a much spawn in the location two homes down, roughly 150 feet from the sheet of my home line.

I agree that pokemon relocate around and also usually quickly. I don"t understand if castle respawn in the same are or not. Ns was v someone who captured a Pikachu. Us haven"t went back to see if another spawned in that area.But pokemon carry out move and also disappear indigenous a specific territory. Our thought is they don"t respawn in the exact same area however I gibberish found any type of proof either way.

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