Pokemon episode(1) creator Gino rotondo ns would like to giv thankz come BlazikenMan1233 together dan,gdog121 together Gino myself MMORPGplayer2000 as luis /andchris ~ no a member yet but he will certainly be and also when he is he it s okay the many thanks tooThere as soon as was a young who necessary a friend. His surname was dan bateson . His friend Proffesor Gino who was a pokemon trainer. For this reason they met at some point in a cave. Since it was raining an extremely hard out. Thats when Gino experienced him and also asked do u have actually Pokemon. He responded ns wish i did. Therefore thats as soon as they became good frineds. Castle trained practiclly ever day. It rotates one da they saw ""Pokemon Championship"s the The World"" carry your finest pokemon the flier said. Addmission u have to contain the a 4 player team. For this reason thats when they had actually to find an ext player"s. So Gino and also Dan do aditions. When they met two kids who fighted a lot. Over there names were Luis and Chris. Therefore Gino and Dan witnessed what they have the right to do without a scream of a dout they choose them. They developed (The pokemon Dream Team). It was crazy with them they wherein unstopable. Until they obtained challeged by (Team Rocket). There pokemon companion was a mouse. They offered to have a cat however it was messed up by the mouse. The mouses name was pikachu.They had to steel the pokemon indigenous a kid called ash catchum 5 years ago. And also he to be crowned people champion. That won with a rachu since his pikachu couldn" t end come the obsatcles. The the civilization Championships 2003. So as soon as he won the human being Championships that left that negative pokemon. Until Team rocket discovered him and also took care of him. Now pikachu is in an excellent hands. So meanwhile (The pokemon Dream Team) space battling team rocket they beat them. Therefore they now figured if we can beat them once might be able to win and be civilization Champions. So they then had 1 pokemon every Gino had a Gengar, dan had actually a Blaziken, Luis had actually a Zaptos, and also Chris had actually sucicune. (Team Rocket)had a pikachu, a weezing, a wobbufet , and also a arbok. For this reason on the Pokemon champions ships they whereby scared they wanted the crown they to be beating every body the semi finals it was a tough fight they to win Team Rocket. They went to face ash catchum and also his girlfriend brock,misty ,and bill. Ash had a rachu, brock had a ninetails, misty had actually a blastoise, and also bill had actually a celibi. Then once Gino met Ash there was some sort of look in his eye that he saw it to be dark. He check out a publication in his life earlier. Thats said ""to get the dark the end is to hurt his pride"". So the enhance was started.The pokemon Dream Team had no chice however to serve Team Ash. U have to ahve viewed it Dan"s pokemon did this large blaze spin,while Gino"s Pokemon did a purple spin which that spin approximately in circles fast.The fan"s were screaming if Luis"s Zaptoz is do fireworks. And sucune is making rain.Now there rotate is done currently its ash"s teams rachu walk a weird kind of electrical breakdance. And also then ninetails threw fire in the dance and also lite the floor on fire ns was a blazing move, then blastoise sprays the crowd cause it to be so hot the fans wherein loving it.Then celibi stood there and also glowed and also sang over there team song.Them the teams saw the score native the judges it to be tied. Both groups where upset and they had actually no choice buy crowds loudest scream. Ginos Team screamed the loudest. Ash finnaly got served and also Gino had broken the angry curse that we dont recognize how but team rocket planted top top him.As he to be kneeling ~ above the stadion he cyried prior to he left while he to be crying.pikachu came back and hugged him Ash screamed Pikachu your earlier pikachu also was under a curse of team rocket so once pikachu saw.Ash request what happended and also he pointed in ~ team rocket and also he blasted castle to an are and as they where going they stated team rockets blasting off again.

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And pikachu to be finnaly home.Gino Team"s gained the tropy,but ash acquired something more In return his finest friend pikachu that was ultimately home.The End!If any kind of comments on my story tell me i would favor to know if it was poor or an excellent or rating"s choose 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,or 10If u like it tell me therefore i have the right to make more to game you for this reason u have Something to review fun ~ above katifund.org. Kinda prefer a pokemon episode.And if u want give your opinons the the story favor who would have won or the indict of the story.THX ns OUT!