Dotted around Alola are miscellaneous “boss” trainers, that you can only struggle after you’ve beat all the various other trainers in the route. Acquisition it one action further, there’s a trainer near the mount Lanakila Pokémon Center, who you deserve to only fight after defeating all the ceo trainers. So successfully the… boss, ceo trainer?

Anyhow, if you’re missing some trainers to defeat, simply ask him for their general location.

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Veteran Aristo¶

Ninetales (Alolan)65Ice/Fairy

All that Aristo’s Pokémon re-superstructure something in common: a organized item the prolongs battle effects. His an initial one, Carbink, has actually a light Clay, i m sorry extends the term of its Reflect and also Light Screen. Besides those two moves, it have the right to use Stealth absent to reason damage as soon as you switch in, yet no attacking moves. Stop it through Steel-types ASAP.

Torkoal has actually a heat Rock the lengthens the term of clear weather, which the can trigger with Drought when it’s sent into battle. Because that attacks, it can use Fire Blast, i m sorry receives a power boost from the sun, and also Solar Beam to hurt Water, Ground and also Rock-types (skipping the charging turn throughout the sun). If possible, publication its weather v your own or Cloud nine etc.

Likewise, Pelipper has a Damp absent that increases the term of rain, which it will cause with Drizzle as quickly as it enters battle. It deserve to use Hydro Pump, i beg your pardon is boosted thanks to the rain, and also Hurricane, which has 100% accuracy in the rain. Electric-types space its bane, especially due to the fact that Pelipper isn’t known for being fast, like most Electric-types.

Meanwhile his Alolan Ninetales has actually an Icy Rock that extends the term of hail, triggered by its snow Warning Ability. Attack-wise, it deserve to use Blizzard, which has perfect accuracy as soon as there’s hail, and also Dazzling Gleam. Thankfully, hail is much much less annoying 보다 the sun or rain. Anyway, Steel-types space ideal; Fire, Rock and Poison-types are likewise good.

Finally, Gigalith has actually a Smooth rock that makes sandstorms last longer; the course, a sandstorm will certainly be conjured by its Sand present Ability. For attacks, the has stone Edge for STAB, and Earthquake because that hitting Steel-types. Like hail, sandstorm isn’t also bad, yet keep in mind that will boost Gigalith’s one-of-a-kind Defense. Water or Grass-types space recommended.

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After winning, you’ll get a Life Orb, which boosts the Pokémon’s damages output in ~ the expense of inflicting a small amount of damage to itself. For ideal results, provide it come a Pokémon v exceptional attack or one-of-a-kind Attack. Or a Pokémon v the Unaware ability, which will passively negate the recoil damage.