NameTypes(s)Location (Enrespond to Rate)
ZubatPoison/FlyingIn the cave itself (70%)
Diglett*Ground/SteelIn the cave itself (30%)
Rattata*Dark/NormalDarting out of dens (100%, Moon only)
YungoosNormalDarting out of dens (100%, Sun only)

*** shows Alolan develop.**

Here goes! It’s your initially island trial and the first genuine test of your capabilities as Pokemon trainer. No pressure tright here then.

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As Ilima describes, your job is to defeat the three Pokemon hiding in their dens–the tiny bit holes along the cavern wall–and then retrieve the Z-Crystal in the furthest section of the cavern. You will also have to challenge off against the cavern’s powerful guardian–the Totem Pokemon.

Warning: Rules of the Trial

During the trial, you will be unable to catch any kind of Pokemon, so put those Poke Balls ameans and emphasis on obliterating your enemies rather. Additionally, you cannot quit the trial or leave the area till you’ve bconsumed the trial. Or failed. But hopecompletely the former.

Alright, enough idling; time to gain started. From the entrance, you have to notice a TM up ahead and to the left that’s presently out of reach. For currently, head in a north-easterly direction in the direction of the first den, wbelow you witnessed a Pokemon hiding during Ilima’s explanation.

Get up actual cshed and push the A button to take a peek inside. Well, what execute you know? There’s an angry Pokemon inside! If you’re playing Pokemon Sun, you’ll enrespond to a wild Yungoos, while those of you with Pokemon Moon will certainly uncover a wild Rattata instead.

Either method, you shouldn’t break a sweat if you have actually well-trained Pokemon, especially a Fighting-type such as Machop, Makuhita or Crabrawler. One down, two even more to go. From your present location, head eastern and pick up the Super Potion lurking in the edge.

Next off, hurry north in the direction of the boulder being illuminated by the light from over. Caretotally search the southern side of it to uncover a covert Revive . After that, go approximately the boulder towards the small den simply ahead. Before you reach it, the den-dweller will come out and also ambush you!

Again, it’s still a Yungoos or Rattata, so nopoint to are afraid. Moving on, head west from this second den, up the narrowhead slope and to the higher level. When you reach the part of the floor illuminated by the light, slowly head southern. Just prior to the ledge earlier to the entrance, pick up TM31 Brick Break .


Rerotate to the illuminated floor and, this time, head north. When you reach the ledge wall ahead, rotate best and also cautiously cross the narrowhead plank bridge to the other side of the cavern. You’ll reach one more area illuminated by light. From right here, proceed east, then go up the slope at the finish.

When you reach the peak, push the A switch close to the little gap in the wall to crawl with it to the various other side. Tright here, pick up the Super Potion on the floor and also hop over the ledge to the left. You’ll land right alongside the third little den; as prior to, go close to it and provide it a thostormy inspection.

Sneaky! The Pokemon dwelling inside has currently escaped. Follow it by hopping over the ledge to the southern, then proceed south to return to the illuminated part of the floor. After that, head north up the slope west from the empty den. At the peak, you’ll bask in the light from over once more.

Before the Pokemon escapes aacquire, hurry and inspect the fourth den instantly to the right. Oh dear, also late again? No problemo. Make your means, in the direction of the leave currently guarded by a trial overview. From his place, lug on south-west, hopping over the ledge along the means.

It deserve to be a little difficult to see, yet there’s a tiny den–the last one–alengthy the north-western side of the cavern wall. Just listed below it is a X Defence . After pocketing your discover, check out the small den to watch if you made it in time. Drat! It’s gone earlier to the initially empty den!

Don’t issue, you’re gaining warmer. Head south and hop over the ledge to go back to the component simply before crossing the narrow plank bridge. Cross the bridge against to gain back to the eastern side. Before you reach the various other side, a pair of no-gooders will certainly pertained to mess up your trial.

Team Skull Grunt¶


Same strategy as your previous battle in the Berry Fields. Swap out any Fighting-types and also usage Dark-kinds if you have actually them. Steel-kinds (simply Magnemite for now) will fare OK as well.

Having fairesulted in speak you in a Pokemon fight, the Grunts decide to block off the fourth and fifth dens. Hang on… doesn’t that mean? Before the Grunts figure out their idiocy, head eastern and also crawl through the gap at the top of the slope to go back to the fourth den.

This time, make certain your Pokemon are ready, as there’s nowbelow for the den’s resident to run! You’ll challenge a wild Gumshoos if playing on Pokemon Sun or a wild Raticate if playing on Pokemon Moon. Although it’s an progressed Pokemon, it’s not specifically hard.

Succeed in defeating the 3 den dwellers and you’ll be allowed access to the inner-many part of the cavern. Jump over the ledge to the southern and also climb the slope to the left to reach the cavern leave, where the trial guide was standing. Approach him and he’ll step aside.

Totems Den¶

If it wasn’t apparent, this is the lair of Verdant Cavern’s fearsome Totem Pokemon. From the entrance, run up ahead in the direction of the pedestal containing the Z-Crystal. When you’re prepared, go up cshed to it and also examine it. Pull out the Z-Crystal and you’ll be thrust into fight.

Totem Pokemon¶


Similar to the Pokemon discovered in the little dens, the Totem Pokemon you face differs depending on which Pokemon game you’re playing. The general mechanics are still the exact same, although Moon players have it slightly much easier.

When the battle starts, the Totem Pokemon will be surrounded by an aura that rises its Defence stat by 1 stage. This obviously indicates your physical moves will do slightly less damage. Eextremely now and also then, when it’s alone, the Totem Pokemon might summon an ally Pokemon.

When this occurs, you’ll need to fight both the Totem Pokemon and also the ally Pokemon (Yungoos or Rattata) simultaneously, like a Double Battle yet you only have one Pokemon. Needless to say, being ganged up on isn’t excellent, since your lone Pokemon will certainly take approximately assaults per revolve.

To stop this being a battle of attrition, you need to ideally emphasis on eliminating the Totem Pokemon ASAP. Just like the various other Pokemon in the cavern, Fighting-type moves are best. Raticate and Rattata in particular will certainly be shuddering as they’re 4x weak to Fighting.

Anvarious other thing you have the right to execute, if you’re using the traded Machop is to have the little bit fella use Focus Energy to increase his crucial rate proportion, then let loose a flurry of Kaprice Chops. Karate Chop already has a high crucial rate, which is further boosted by Focus Energy.

Besides dealing more damages than usual, important hits additionally bypass the opponent’s stat increases, which contains the Defence increase from the Totem Pokemon’s aura. By the method, if you defeat the Totem and also there’s an ally left, you still must mop up the ally to clear the fight.

Triumph versus the Totem Pokemon and you’ll formally obtain the Z-Crystal Normalium Z from Captain Ilima. That additionally means you’ve effectively passed your initially island also trial. A hearty congratulations is in order!

Note: S.O.S. Battles

From right here on, wild Pokemon–not simply Totem Pokemon–might speak to ally Pokemon to aid them. The chances of doing so are enhanced once they’re at low health. When there are two Pokemon current, you cannot throw Poke Balls so store that in mind.

If you’re struggling, you deserve to inflict an ailment such as Paralyse or Sleep to stop the Pokemon from calling even more allies. Or if your Pokemon is quick enough, you can attempt to flee the fight. Sometimes it’s smart to run ameans to fight another day!

Now that the trial is over, you’ll be permitted to capture any of the Pokemon in the cavern. In addition, Ilima will kindly hand also you 10 Great Balls and heal your party. By the method, Pokemon will begin freely roaming the Verdant Cavern, not simply near the dens.

Anymeans, to leave the cavern, head southern while maintaining to the west. You’ll hop over a bunch of ledges prior to getting to the entrance. Alengthy the method, you’ll more than likely bump right into wild Pokemon, consisting of those of the pouncing range.

Post-Trial Explanations¶


Outside, technique Ilima and he’ll define the function of the captains’ barricades that you might have actually viewed previously. With Ilima’s trial overcame, the barricade better north will certainly be removed, enabling you to pass to Route 3.

While this is happening, Kukui will certainly arrive on the scene and teach you about Z-Moves. First, you should offer your Pokemon a Z-Crystal as a organized item. However, a Pokemon have the right to only organize a Z-Crystal if it presently has a move of the exact same form. For Normalium Z, you require a Normal-form relocate.

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Then throughout fight, while selecting your Pokemon’s moves, pick or tap the huge “Z-Power” icon along the left of the bottom display screen. This will transdevelop all applicable moves right into a powerful Z-Move. The more powerful the original relocate, the more powerful the Z-Move.