Although many Nintendo fans are now playing on the Switch, Target is currently offering massive discounts on select 3DS games.

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Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch back in 2017, the popularity of the 3DS has been on a sharp decline. This was even further cemented when the company released the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is marketed as a pure handheld device, last August. That said, the 3DS still has great games that cannot be found on the latest console, and players who are looking to score some amazing 3DS games can do exactly that with an ongoing sale from Target.

The 3DS games that Target has on sale include several Pokemon games, the original Luigi"s Mansion, and a wide assortment of Mario games. To note, it is unclear how long the sale will last, so players interested in picking up a game or two must act now while the deals are still available.

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Nintendo 3DS games on sale at Target include:

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Meanwhile, for fans that are looking for some Switch-related savings, Nintendo"s Black Friday deals were revealed just a few days ago. As expected, Nintendo"s Black Friday deals aren"t as massive as the discounts offered by Sony and Microsoft, but players that pickup a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday can get free copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe alongside the console.

It is also not a surprise that there are no deals on the Switch Lite for Black Friday, given that the console was just released and is selling well. As for games, Nintendo will offer 33% off on select games, allowing fans to pick them up for $39.99 each.

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