We most likely heard the word plan at least five times on Power Season 2 episode 7, but it looks favor Ghost is maintaining the details of his operation to himself. However with for this reason many people directly (or indirectly) involved, it"s walking to obtain increasingly harder for him to be so guarded. 

Things virtually collapsed because that him ~ Tommy walk on one more one that his downward spirals, however alas Tasha concerned the rescue and all was appropriate again. Or was it? 

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With Holly gone, it was clear the Tommy to be going to have a little of a malfunction because the guy doesn"t have actually the faintest idea how to take care of his emotions. That was completely in character for him to provide in to his paranoia and also make a hasty decision, like moving all the money native the wash mats. 

It seemed favor a quite stupid idea in ~ first, however then ns remembered the one thing you can"t forget about Tommy (even when he"s acting prefer a child); never underestimate him. There to be no means he"d be dumb enough to it is in riding through the money, so when the cops pulled them over, there was no real reason to worry. 

However, the truth that the cops to be tailing him and asking Holly questions, led him come the realization that Angela was even closer 보다 he realized. And also that"s as soon as things obtained a small nutty. 

ns trust you. It"s her i don"t trust. She"s the problem, G. You"ve been fucking her this entirety time, telling her you"re going to leaving Tasha. Well, girlfriend did. Girlfriend left Tasha and also she"s still comes after us. Don"t you acquire it? when you gonna realize you ain"t in manage of the instance no more. No arrangement of your is walking to prevent until she gets what she fucking wants.


Now, Tommy isn"t wrong, however was the finest thing come do next really kill Angela? absolutely not. 

Luckily, Ghost had the ability to convince Tasha to talk Tommy down, i beg your pardon she go expertly. Tasha had an interesting function this week, together she ongoing to show how smart she deserve to be, while also exhibiting the ruthless part of her herself she keeps concealed at times. 

The comment section has actually been a lightning rod because that conversations about Tasha vs. Angela. I"ve to be on document as saying that i am Team Angela, partly because I watch that there is a actual love in between her and Ghost, but also because it"s constantly seemed favor Ghost and also Tasha have fully disconnected indigenous one one more emotionally. 

Obviously there to be a time once they to be in love and also there tho is love there, however I think Ghost viewed of that marriage a long time ago. Multiple time in the first season, Tasha and Tommy provided the changes they witnessed in Ghost. Those transforms were not only because of Angela, but likewise due to his desire to lead a various life. As he pursued this brand-new life, the drifted further and further far from his wife. 

Tasha as a character have the right to be grating at times, however I"ve always admired she spunk and loyalty. And doesn"t she deserve far better than the method Ghost has actually treated her?

Personally, I"ve never ever felt lot of anything towards Shawn. Certain he"s protect against traffic hot, however I feel like we don"t really recognize him. All we do know is the loves Tasha, and also pretty quickly he"s walk to have to make a selection between protecting his father and also protecting his woman. 

Elsewhere, Holly Monica is alive and also well and also vowing to be over Tommy. There"s no means Angela actually bought that small routine she put on in the hotel room. Angela may be a many things, yet she is no that dumb, as confirmed by her cloning Ghost"s phone. That"s quite slick, except there is no way the greatest drug distributor in new York City has actually one cabinet phone. Right?

Everything else You need to Know

This Simon Stern organization is tho a thing, and Ghost has partnered up with Mrs. Stern to lug him down. Any method she end up flipping ~ above Ghost? anything is feasible on this show. What to be up v the Dre and Shawn beef? did I miss something there?Lobos is in town and he appears to recognize all, thanks to the tiny birdie he has actually relaying the information. My guess on the small birdie"s identity? Kanan. Speaking the Kanan, an additional week of his absence. And I don"t miss out on him one bit. 50 Cent functions in small doses, for this reason leaving him the end the last couple of weeks has been a clever play, if you ask me. They yes, really upped their sex scene this week. That Tommy threesome step may have been even much more explicit 보다 the Ghost/Angela home window romp from critical season.Speaking that Tommy, he simply can"t provide that lover dog up. Just like he won"t be able to give Holly up.

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I watch what girlfriend did there writers!

It to be quieter than normal this week, but "You"re not The Man" to be still a solid installment. What walk the arrival of Lobos carry out to Ghost and Tommy? once is Ghost going come find around Tasha and Shawn? will Ghost be able to bring Stern down? Is Holly truly unable to do forever?

Only three episodes left! ns repeat, just three illustration left! The comment section awaits all her passionate responses, and also I can"t wait to check out them! Let"s save the conversation flowing!