IMPORTANT: as result of concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), room showroom is open however APPOINTMENTS are PREFERRED. Please call your account manager to schedule a time come visit the showroom.Please view our Happenings page for an important message regarding our an answer on COVID-19. Just under 5 miles from the Florida coast, ProSource® of Palm beach is the premier home improvement showroom in the area. We market the finest choice of home remodeling assets in the south Florida region, all at incredible wholesale prices. For profession professionals and their homeowner client who room looking come remodel your kitchen and bathroom or change their flooring, our showroom has actually the commodities that will enhance your project.

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Trade Pros: Learn around the benefits of membershipHomeowners: experience the difference of working with ProSourceWATERPROOF FLOORING IS HEREWhen feather to incorporate spectacular format with profound performance, suffer the waterproof flooring accessible at ProSource. Indigenous carpet come hardwood to vinyl plank... It"s flooring created real life. Find out more.Who Is ProSource the Palm Beach?As the premier home improvement showroom in Palm Beach, we’ve constructed our call on a few key elements: an outstanding selection, unbeatable prices, and dedication come our profession pro partners and their homeowner clients. We’ve crafted ours showroom into a one-stop shop for trade pros. Here, you’ll uncover hundreds of high-end remodeling assets for bathrooms, kitchens, and floors. Together your trusted partner, we’ll also ensure the these assets are priced fine within any kind of budget.A visit come our showroom will additionally introduce you to our helpful and also friendly team members. With substantial experience in the house remodeling field, our specialists, managers, and also designers can help you find the parts and also products that best fit her home improvement project.What us OfferOur showroom in West Palm coast is simply one of 145 other ProSource showrooms in phibìc America. This sponsor ProSource remarkable buying strength for brands and products that are highly sought after and well pertained to by those in the home improvement trades. Since we purchase these top-quality products in such big quantities, we’re maybe to happen those to save onto you in the kind of our an excellent wholesale pricing.Not only do us offer an excellent products and also pricing, we additionally offer the skills and talent of our specialists and designers. We deserve to partner v trade pros to overview them with our immense showroom to find the perfect products. We have the right to also assist you style your bathroom or kitchen remodeling job while working v your client’s interests and also their budget. Our team is comprised of experienced home improvement professionals who are all set to re-publishing their knowledge with you and also your clients.Why We’re DifferentWe are without doubt known for our exceptional product selection and competitive everyone pricing, yet even much more importantly, we’re well-known for our commitment come our profession pro partners and their success. We want to help you make every home development project far better than the last and we deserve to do that by working together.It’s why we market our ProSource Membership. As a ProSource member, profession pros will enjoy more than simply our products and pricing. They’ll be treated to benefits, like:● A devoted Account Manager● prevent Price Mark-Ups and also Hidden Fees● gain The latest Styles and Trends● professional Kitchen & Bath style Service● 24-hour ProKey® accessTrade Pros: Learn around the benefits of membershipHomeowners love working v us since we’re different. Accessibility to a exclusive showroom, connections to qualified profession pros, and more. Us exist to aid trade pros and also you, their customer, complete successful home improvement projects.Homeowners: suffer the difference of working with ProSourceStop through ProSource the Palm coast to experience the ProSource difference and meet ours team today!

At ProSource® the Palm Beach, you’ll have a specialized account manager who will be your companion on every project... Listening to your needs, and guiding you throughout the an option and purchase process. It’s what girlfriend deserve—personalized service. ProSource is devoted to the success the our trade pro members and to simple the home improvement process for homeowners. From start to finish, we’re here to aid with the complete project, turning dreams right into reality.

Every day, our profession pro members complete successful projects for your clients—transforming homeowners’ creative thinking into reality. Evaluation their work and be inspired for your next project. As soon as you’re ready, contact our showroom to acquire started.

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We’re a everyone showroom concentrated on helping pros be much more successful, by saving you time and money.

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Work v your pro and ProSource to make your task a reality.

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we proudly serve West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, and also Boynton Beach, Florida, and also the surrounding areas.
The ProSource that Palm beach showroom is conveniently situated in Palm Beach, Florida and serves all of the neighboring cities including Belle Glade, Boca Raton, Canal Point, Greenacres, Jupiter, Lake Harbor, Lake Worth, Loxahatchee, phibìc Palm Beach, Pahokee, Palm Beach, Palm coast Gardens, royal Palm Beach, south Bay, Wellington and also West Palm Beach.