Product Type: AV CartOverall: 48.25'' H x 27.75'' W x 27.75'' DOverall Product Weight: 160lb.Wheels Included: YesPrimary Material: Metal; Plastic

2 tiers shelves room perfect for DVD player, CDs, projector cable box, game console, TV component and also decorations, and also side compartments provide added storage.

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Overall: 10.2'' H x 39.4'' W x 11.8'' DOverall Product Weight: 28lb.Individual Shelf load Capacity: 33lb.Material: manufactured WoodInstallation Required: Yes

The shelf no take lot space, equipped v cable holes designed because that hiding messy cables. The open space allows friend to storage router, set-top box, DVD player, CDs, remote, projector, knickknack, cable box, video game console, TV component, and decorations. Keep your stuff nicely organized.

Material: made Wood

The wall-mounted floating TV stand offers spacious storage room for your available items, i m sorry is likewise equipped through cable feet designed because that hiding messy cables. And also the distinct wall-mounted design frees up valuable floor space, perfect for little apartments.

Wire management: The wire holes space designed to keep your stuff neatly organized. The cables will be fixed with the cover to clean the top shelf.

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Improve workflow efficiency while you gain a streamlined presentation layout with mobile laptop and also projector trolley dare (CART-V04C) from Vivo! Take her workstation top top the walk at a moment’s an alert with four durable casters offering excellent mobility. Created of high-grade steel, this dare was built for durability with a 44 pound load capacity. The optimal media tray has actually height adjustment follow me the center pole because that comfortable city hall angles, and tilts 15° in one of two people direction to make your presentation look just the method you want it because that a top quality appearance. Each platform includes Ventilation slots giving optimal airflow to store your equipment from overheating and also metal lips staying clear of your tools from sliding during movement or height adjustment. All essential hardware and instructions are provided in stimulate to get your dare assembled in no time! functions Color: black color Material: Steel height Adjustment Range: 36.3" come 57.5" optimal Tray Dimensions: 13.5" x 11.8" height Tray Tilt Range: -15° come +15° Bottom Tray Dimensions: 14.3" x 11.8" basic Dimensions: 19.8" x 17.9" weight Capacity: 44 lbs (22 lbs every tray)

Product Type: Laptop/Computer dare or StandOverall: 57.5'' H x 19.8'' W x 17.9'' DMinimum as whole Height - Floor to Tabletop: 36.3''Maximum in its entirety Height - Floor to Tabletop: 57.5''Overall Product Weight: 22.6lb.