The error code NW-31297-2 appears as soon as the PS4 can not able to attach to the internet. There space so numerous reasons to display this error code. The company Sony Entertainment developed the best gaming console however they never administer the error equipment for the user.

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PS4 Error NW-31297-2 Solved

There are so numerous users dealing with this error code. Are you searching for the solution PS4 Error NW-31297-2? We’re right here to resolve this error code. This error code is really frustrating to the users. Your internet is working properly but your PS4 still facing the error code NW-31297-2. There are so many users who reported this error password and likewise they asking on a forum, yet still, their error password is not solved and this trouble is growing day by day. Anyone feels the very same frustration as soon as they enduring the error code PS4 Error NW-31297-2.

When your PS4 console mirrors this error message, over there something prefer this error code Error NW-31297-2 on your screen. V this error message, the PS4 user cannot able to attach his PS4 gaming console come his own Wi-Fi network which leads him from can not to play digital games.

If your PS4 cannot attach to the Wi-Fi Network that way the Wi-Fi password is not correctly collection on the PS4, or the wireless network is busy. Walk to  > >  to configure the network settings again. If the error only occurs in a restricted period that time, the wireless network might be busy and also preventing the connection. Shot disconnecting other devices from the wireless network and retry internet link test at  > > . If you cannot disconnect other tools from the wireless network, try the internet connection test on PS4 later.

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Reason the PS4 Error NW-31297-2

Reason of NW-31297-2

If your PS4 not updated because that a lengthy time, the PS4 likewise could not affix with Wi-Fi Network. NW-31297-2 error is another common one the does no let the users affix to the network properly. This error is one of the very common that has been confronted by numerous users so far.

If the PS4 no updated because that a long time.PS4 firmware variation is old.Wi-Fi is not rebooted for a lengthy time.The router is busy.If the password is a mismatch.

PS4 Error NW-31297-2 Fix

There room so numerous methods to resolve the error PS4 Error NW-31297-2. We’re providing you below all the steps. Monitor these techniques step by action to solve this error. The error NW-31297-2 frustrated so might users once they going to play online games on your PS4 console.

Step 1: Disconnect every Other gadgets From Wi-Fi

Disconnect every Other tools From Wi-Fi

If you have actually Wi-Fi at your residence there are connected so plenty of devices to it. Once you revolve off your PS4 however the Wi-Fi router is still revolve on and other tools are linked with it. For this reason, your Wi-Fi router might be hung or it’s top from a hefty load from other devices. Shot to disconnect other gadgets and try to affix your PS4 just with your Wi-Fi. Now shot to check if the NW-31297-2 error is solved or not, if still not solved try to inspect another an approach below.

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Step 2: How to affix to a Wi-Fi Network top top the PS4

Connect to a Wi-Fi Network ~ above the PS4

In some instances the error NW-31297-2 can happen only once, being a random pest in the Sony console software. In instance consider exactly how to attach to a Wi-Fi network on the PS4.

Go to her PS4 Settings.Then walk to the Network section and also click on Establish an web Connection.Select connect using Wi-Fi (wireless connection) -> usage Wi-Fi -> Simple.Try to attach again by start the WPA password native the network. Let the PS4 attempt to join, and perhaps the error NW-31297-2 will be missing this time.

Step 3: usage Correct Wi-Fi Password

Sometimes so many users adjusted their Wi-Fi password and they think they put a correct password on PS4. They tried come connect PS4 with the net but PS4 cannot develop the net connection. PS4 Error NW-31297-2 occurred once you placed an untrue password on the PS4 console.

Step 4: change the Router Setting

The error PS4 error password NW-31297-2 may additionally appear ~ above the display due to the PS4 Wi-Fi module, which could not connect to the modem router bandwidth setting. To settle this error, access your modem router settings and change its module indigenous the router settings.

If you don’t know exactly how to adjust the wireless modules or channel there room a lot of videos on YouTube. Also, you deserve to search the on google. If you can not able to adjust the router setups you have the right to as yourself to your ISP.

After transforming the wireless module or channel unplug the router from the PS4 and rest it because that 5 minute and try to revolve on the PS4 and also the router. Then examine if PS4 NW-31297-2 is solved or not.

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Step 5: changing the Authentication Type

PS4 Error NW-31297-2 error can be resulted in by PS4 authentication problems on the Wi-Fi network. There room so many varieties of router in the market. Every user supplies different types of router. All the PS4 customers cannot know all the features of the router i m sorry they’re going come buy.

In a different router, there space different types of authentication features on the router. Some customers were able to fix this difficulty by just transforming the authentication form in Wi-Fi defense in the router settings. The following steps are listed below which can have the ability to find the desired item through settings:

Type the IP address of her wireless router (often in your web browser and entering the username and password.In part cases, depending on the routers you require to reduce your speed up native 600MBPS come 54 MBPS only and also enter the wireless settings for that.For various other users, castle would have actually been successful after disabling the wireless password on their router or transferring the WPA 2security come something else. However it is not advisable to damage your wireless security.If every else fails, the can be fried and an ext radical equipment is to connect your game stations 4 physical via a network cable.

Mostly this an approach could aid most of the PS4 users. Amongst other things, occasionally you updated your PS4 firmware with the latest version and the PS4 itself or connecting the console directly to the network utilizing a cable.

Step 6: Reset The Router

Reset The Router

If friend tried every the over methods and still you confronted the problem, currently you have to reset your modem router to fix this error code NW-31297-2. Here are the procedures of resetting the router come the default manufacturing facility settings.

First, reset the router and modem. Unplug the PS4 before that and also then rotate off the router, modem, unplug them indigenous the power source and wait for couple of seconds. Plug them earlier in and turn on the router, modem. This will give a fresh restart to every the connections.The next thing to execute is try to forget the Wi-Fi connection on your PS4 and reconnect the again providing the password.Check if other tools are working correctly with the very same Wi-Fi network. If yes, then change the DNS settings.The router firmware is to it is in updated climate as occasionally the outdated firmware have the right to accompany bugs that room being fixed by the latest version.Also, inspect the router’s location and also then move to a ar with less obstruction or no obstruction at all.

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FAQs on PS4 error NW-31297-2

1. What walk NW 31291 6 mean?

PS4 error NW-31291-6 is one error that normally occurs as soon as the user is can not to attach to a Wi-Fi network because of a weak signal strength.

2. What walk NW 31456 9 mean on ps4?

So, before getting ~ above this method, you must make certain that the PS4 Error NW-31456-9 is due to the WiFi connection you room using. If you are using a WiFi network and the error is never disappearing, girlfriend can try using an Ethernet cable rather to deal with the issue.

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After trying every these above methods and you cannot able come fix PS4 Error NW-31297-2 you need to contact PlayStation Support.