1/8th inch to 4 minutes 1 inch headphone adapters allow you to plug in your regular headphones through their little standard 1/8th inch jack (3.5mm) right into a stereotype headphone port that’s a quarter inch broad (6.35mm). The larger stereo jack supplied to be typical years back but the smaller headphone port has actually replaced it and also is much an ext common this days through headphone manufacturers. This is an especially useful once you must plug in a normal pair that headphones right into an larger or big audio device, for circumstances a stereotype receiver, the only has a 1/4th inch audio jack. (Note: opposing adapter exist too: a 1/8th to 1/4th inch stereotype adapter.)

Here are several of the finest 1/8th customs to 1/4th inch audio jacks:

Adapter 1/4″ (6.3mm) male to 1/8″ (3.5mm) Adapter Plug Female come male


If you’re just looking for a an easy “small headphone to large headphone jack” adapter, this is most likely the right one because that you.

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This eighth inch to quarter inch audio adapter enables you plug in a regular pair of headphones with a traditional 3.5mm stereo plug into a woman port, and also supplies you v a 1/4th inch stereo TRS headphone jack ~ above the opposite end (TRS represents Tip, Ring, Sleeve, i m sorry is the term for every one of these species of audio jacks). This certain model has actually a textured grip surface that makes it simple to unscrew as soon as you’re done making use of it, i m sorry is convenient.

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3.5mm stereotype Jack come 1/4″ Plug appropriate Angle Adapter


In some circumstances, room might be cramped and also you want a ideal angle 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch headphone jack adapter. For instance if you’re plugging a pair the headphones into the ago of a stereo which is then placed against a wall. Or probably your stereo device is close come the ground yet your headphones will be in use number of feet above it and also you don’t want to stress the cable cuff and risk wearing the out. In those cases, a appropriate angle 3.5mm to 6.3mm stereo audio cable converter is a good choice.

4inch 3.5mm stereotype Female to 1/4inch (6.35mm) experienced Premium class Stereo appropriate Angle Plug Audio Adapter


In other circumstances a 1/8th inch common headphone cable to quarter inch cable that’s completely flexible is more useful, together as as soon as you must plug in her headphones or other audio accessory into a maker at one awkward edge or once it’s straight up versus the wall (or up versus the earlier of an entertain center) and also there’s no room to plug in your cable in ~ a right angle.

This four inch long audio jack adapter will work-related in these scenarios whereby you require a tradition angle, and it has a generously sized textured grip come unscrew your headphones when you’re done utilizing them v this stereotype quarter inch adapter.

Hosa MHE325 female TRS 1/8-Inch to male TRS 1/4-Inch Headphone Adapter Cable, 25-Feet


Need an even longer 1/8 inch masculine to 1/4 inch stereotype headphone adapter cable? If you require a 1/8th inch to 1/4 customs adapter and also you likewise need a nice, long headphone cable extender too, here’s the adapter for you. This 25 foot long cable will convert your regular stereo headphones through the smaller sized TRS (tip, ring sleeve) plug into a pair that headphones v the larger 1/4th customs jack that you deserve to use to plug into complete size stereotype receivers and also other gadgets that need it. Comes v a black cord.

FosPower 6.35mm (1/4″) masculine to 3.5mm (1/8″) woman 3-Conductor TRS AUX stereo Audio Headphone Jack Adapter – 24K gold Plated (3 Pack)


If you require multiple 1/8 customs TRS headphone jack to 1/4 customs jacks, this 3 pack might come in handy. It’s also accessible as a 5 pack and if girlfriend really require a the majority of them you deserve to buy 20 of castle in a pack together.

Factors to think about when selecting a 1/8th customs to 1/4 inch headphone jack adapters

Do I need a cable or a straight adapter? few of these adapters incorporate a cable of differing lengths, however others are an easy straight barrel adapters that transform 1/8th inch tip ring sleeve (TRS) to 4 minutes 1 inch headphones jack.

Do I require a right-angle adapter? periodically when you’re convert audio in a cramped environment or should plug in a cable to the earlier of a device like one audio receiver, a appropriate angle adapter is specifically helpful. Several of these 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapters have actually a ideal angle plug for just this purpose.

Do I require a tight on the adapter? some adapters have grips or textured locations on their plugs to do them less complicated to unplug. This is especially beneficial when you’re typically plugging and unplugging audio cables often and as it have the right to save time. No all 1/8th customs to 1/4th customs adapters have actually these grips however so if that’s vital to friend you’ll want to make certain you pay attention to the grip size on the adapter friend choose.


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