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Product Information

This Sylvania SDVD1046 Compact DVD Player plays DVD, VCD, CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3, HDCD, JPEG and Kodak snapshot CDs. Display facet ratio switch (4:3/16:9) lets you put the aspect ratio to what girlfriend need. It likewise plays both NTSC and PAL videos!4:3/16:9 display element ratio conversion2-channel outputCompatible v DVD, VCD, CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3, HDCD, JPEG and Kodak picture CDProgressive scanComponent video output (YUV)Coaxial digital audio outputPAL/NTSC systemDifferent level lock, fragment selectionIncludes remote
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We delivery to the 48 contiguous United claims via traditional ground service. You deserve to expect your order to arrive within 3 to 5 full company days as soon as your order has shipped.

If her order has multiple items, they might be transport from multiple places and/or come in various packages on different dates. There room no extr charges for break-up shipments.

Orders space shipped on business days only. Business days space Monday with Friday, excluding commonwealth holidays within the joined States.

Returns room processed according to our Return Policy. Shipping charges are non-refundable, also in the occasion of a return.

For an ext information, visit our Order FAQs or Ordering and Shipping Details page.

Returns & Warranties Online Return policy |  Damaged or Defective items | In-Store purchases Return plan | Product Warranties Online Return Policy 

Due to COVID-19, handling times for returns may take longer than normal. Please enable 14 to 21 days before contacting Customer Care concerning the standing of her return. Thank you for her patience.

At, we desire you come be completely satisfied v every item the you purchase. If you are not solve with your purchase, you may return most items within 30 days because that a complete refund the the acquisition price, minus shipping, handling or other extr charges. Check out the “Exceptions” section for products not extended by our return policy.

IMPORTANT: With minimal exceptions, returns are refunded in the type of online keep credit redeemable at does no refund any shipping charges. With limited exceptions, we execute not provide pre-paid return labels; you space responsible because that covering any shipping prices to return your item(s).

Please be sure to send your item(s) earlier in complete accordance through our digital Return Policy:

Item(s) have to be sent ago within 30 work of the delivery date.Item(s) need to be unused and also in like-new condition.All merchandise need to be changed in its initial packaging and also with all had accessories and also paperwork.Returns sent back to our warehouse without a return authorization created through our Returns facility or by contacting our Customer treatment team will certainly be fee a $10 hand-operated processing fee.

Exceptions: cannot expropriate returns for certain items. Item that are ineligible for return are listed online. Non-refundable items include:

Products that were resold or altered (or tagged) for resale will certainly not it is in accepted.Opened software or kits.Electronic media products that are not defective (such as USB ignorance drives and memory cards).Personal care products (such as challenge masks, confront shields).Products listed as last sale or non-returnable.Products not purchased indigenous returns (United States)

To return or exchange her item(s):

Your inquiry to return your item(s) need to be in ~ 30 job of your delivery date or otherwise in ~ our within our Return Policy.With restricted exceptions, we perform not administer pre-paid return labels; you are responsible for spanning return shipping costs. The return shipping label expense will be deducted from your refund amount.You will certainly receive an e-mail with return instructions. Select "Start a Return" and choose the item(s) you great to return. Follow the indict to publish a return shipping label.Please use the approve shipping label to ensure appropriate processing of your return. Save the return tracking number from the package you room returning to ensure the package is went back to our warehouse.You may return your package to any type of U.S. Post Office location. An email confirmation will certainly be sent to you once your return is received and processed by our warehouse.International Returns

Should you choose to return her item(s), does not carry out pre-paid return labels and also you will be responsible for spanning the shipping costs. In addition, customers exterior of the United says will be can not to usage our virtual Returns Center. Instead, please follow the instructions listed below to return in accordance with our online Return Policy.

To return your item(s) by mail, please contact our Customer Care team at help or speak to us at 1-800-THE-SHACK (1-800-843-7422). Us will carry out you through a return brand that you may take to any type of of your local carriers. Send your return items come our return Department at the deal with below: Returns900 Terminal road #244Fort Worth, TX 76106

Damaged or Defective Item(s)

If you get a damaged or defective item native, call a Customer treatment representative immediately.

● please supply the representative through your order number, item number and also tracking number from your original confirmation email. The representative will also need your email deal with and phone call number.

● will make every reasonable initiative to assist you v your return.

● A defective item may be replaced within 30 job from date of acquisition under our Warranty Policy, or in ~ the manufacturer"s guarantee period, whichever is longer. Call a Customer care representative for assistance.

● as soon as possible, please have picture(s) obtainable of the damages or defect to expedite assistance.

● Damaged or defective item(s) will be changed if obtainable or save credit will be issued.

Lost in Transit Item(s)

If your tracking number reflects the order was delivered, however you never received that from, call a Customer care representative immediately.

● call the carrier and submit a case for the shed in transit item(s). You re welcome supply the representative through your order number, items number, tracking number native your initial confirmation email, and also claim number. The representative will additionally need her email resolve and call number. ● will certainly make every reasonable effort to aid you with a replacement if obtainable or save credit will certainly be issued.

Order Cancellations

Because her order is processed as quickly as possible, over there is a 15 minute home window for bespeak cancellation during our normal organization hours. Please contact Customer business at 1-800-843-7422 immediately if you have actually placed an order in error. If the cancellation request occurs much more than 15 minutes after the order is placed, or exterior of our normal service hours, the order will be delivered and also must it is in processed together a return ~ above delivery.

In-Store to buy Return Policy shop are separately owned and also operated and may differ by location. Please contact your regional store for a copy of your Return Policy. cannot procedure returns for products purchased from stores.

Product Warranties

Click here for Terms and Conditions for all states.

Many that the items the are offered on come through a manufacturer"s warranty. Applicable vouch information deserve to usually be found inside the box or packaging. For additional information top top the manufacturer"s warranty for a details product, call the manufacturer directly.

Our private label products include one of two people a 90-day or 1-year warranty, depending upon the product. You may check out the terms of these restricted warranties below.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Except in California, makes no added warranties of any kind, express or implied, for any kind of product produced by a party various other than

EXCEPT wherein PROHIBITED through LAW, THE comprise WARRANTIES the MERCHANTABILITY and FITNESS for A particular PURPOSE are SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMED: (1) FOR every "AS IS" SALES; and (2) upon THE later TO happen OF: THE EXPIRATION OF any APPLICABLE express WARRANTIES, OR 90 work FROM date OF PURCHASE. is not liable for any kind of loss or damage (including indirect, special, incidental or for this reason damages), caused straight or indirectly by the products noted on this receipt. Part states do not allow limitations on include warranties (such as warranties of merchantability or fitness because that a certain purpose), or the exemption of incidental or consequential damages, for this reason the over limitations or exclusions may not use to you. In addition, friend may have other legal rights which vary from state to state.

Products which have actually been topic to misuse (including revolution discharge), neglect, accident or modification, or which have been soldered or changed during assembly and also are not qualified of being tested space excluded from any warranty by

The assets we offer are no authorized for usage as vital components in human implantable devices, or life support tools or systems. A crucial component is any kind of component of a human being implantable device, a life support machine or system, whose failure to perform can be sensibly expected to reason the failure of the implant, life support maker or system, or to impact its security or effectiveness.

Many various other products offered on this net site room covered by a manufacturer"s warranty. A copy of a particular warranty, whereby one is available by a warrantor, will be made obtainable for inspection before sale, upon particular request by our directory Number.

We it is provided many products that satisfy military specifications as represented by the manufacturer. We execute not maintain traceability on this products; as such we only supply them together commercial parts.

Information for global customers or customers traveling internationally: products to buy on or through our retail areas in the United says cannot be went back for guarantee servicing at any type of of our worldwide locations.

90-Day limited Warranty virtual OpCo gmbh (hereafter “”) warrants this product against defects in materials and also workmanship under normal use by the original purchaser for ninety (90) days after the day of acquisition from a store,, or an authorized franchisee or dealer. renders NO various other EXPRESS WARRANTIES.

This guarantee does no cover: (a) damage or failure led to by or attributable to abuse, misuse, fail to monitor instructions, not correct installation or maintenance, alteration, accident, plot of God (such together floods or lightning), or excess voltage or current; (b) wrong or mistakenly performed repair by people who space not a company facility; (c) consumables such as fuses or batteries; (d) plain wear and also tear or cosmetics damage; (e) transportation, shipping or insurance costs; (f) costs of product removal, installation, set-up service, mediate or reinstallation; and also (g) insurance claims by persons other than the initial purchaser.

Should a trouble occur that is spanned by this warranty, take the product and also the sales receipt as proof of purchase date to the initial purchase place or visit will, at its option, uneven otherwise listed by legislation (a) replace the product with the very same or equivalent product, or (b) refund the acquisition price. All replaced products, and also products on which a refund is made, come to be the home of specifically DISCLAIMS every WARRANTIES and also CONDITIONS NOT proclaimed IN THIS restricted WARRANTY. Any kind of IMPLIED WARRANTIES THAT may BE applied BY LAW, consisting of THE IMPLIED warranty OF MERCHANTABILITY AND, IF APPLICABLE, THE IMPLIED guarantee OF FITNESS for A specific PURPOSE, chandelier EXPIRE top top THE EXPIRATION the THE declared WARRANTY PERIOD.

EXCEPT AS defined ABOVE, SHALL have actually NO liability OR responsibility TO THE PURCHASER of THE PRODUCT OR any type of OTHER person OR ENTITY with RESPECT TO any type of LIABILITY, lose OR damages CAUSED directly OR indirect BY use OR power OF THE PRODUCT OR emerging OUT OF any kind of BREACH that THIS WARRANTY, INCLUDING, but NOT limited TO, any DAMAGES resulting FROM INCONVENIENCE and also ANY loss OF TIME, DATA, PROPERTY, REVENUE, OR PROFIT and also ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR therefore DAMAGES, even IF has BEEN recommend OF THE possibility OF together DAMAGES.

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Some states carry out not allow limitations on exactly how long an comprise warranty large or the exemption or limitation the incidental or consequential damages, for this reason the above limitations or exclusions might not apply to you. This warranty offers you details legal rights, and you may likewise have various other rights which vary from state come state.