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Eric from Peachtree City, GaI first saw Edwin McCain play in ~ a converted gas station in downtown Charleston, SC (called Cumberlands) top top a Wednesday evening in the early 90s if I was in the Navy. Came for the cheap beer/wings and also stayed for the show. Beforehand on, we knew that his music would certainly take that places and saw that every time he played close to us. And I"ve probably seen the play 40 time since. A little club in Newport, RI, Fuddrucker"s patio in Hilton Head and even the 2019 summer concert series at a small, neighborhood venue in Peachtree City, GA. And I also got to understand him a little bit personally during his early on years. He truly appreciates his fans and has constantly been down to earth. Hoping that I get to watch 40 more shows in the future.Orlando native CaliforniaI’ve always loved singing this song even though I never ever knew what love suicide meant. It’s what carried me here. Btw, Edwin, the Starry, Starry Night tune is actually called Vincent. :) but no biggie.Chelsea indigenous Pa, AzSuch a beautiful song!!!see an ext comments
southern ManNeil Young

Neil Young later on apologized for "Southern Man," calling the "accusatory and condescending" in that portrayal the the American South.

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i Shot The SheriffEric Clapton

Eric Clapton"s only warm 100 #1, either solo or with among his numerous bands, was his sheathe of Bob Marley"s "I shoot The Sheriff."

Cake by The OceanDNCE

The song title "Cake by The Ocean" source from DNCE"s sweden producers using the wrong surname for the drink "Sex ~ above the Beach."

design template From ShaftIsaac Hayes

When "Theme from Shaft" won an Oscar, Isaac Hayes became the an initial African American to win in the "Best Song" category.

solitary Ladies (Put a Ring top top It)Beyoncé

Beyoncé married Jay-Z 5 months prior to releasing "Single females (Put a Ring on It)," a song she sang in character together her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce.

Eleanor RigbyThe Beatles

Paul McCartney based the "Eleanor Rigby" story on old women he met at his real estate estate. He saw just how sometimes when they died, nobody really noticed.

well known Singers" first FilmsSong creating

A look at the good (Diana Ross, Eminem), the bad (Madonna, Bob Dylan) and also the peculiar (David Bowie, Michael Jackson) film debuts of superstar singers.

Jack Tempchin - "Peaceful simple Feeling"They"re play My tune

When a waitress wouldn"t take him home, Jack created what would end up being one the the Eagles many enduring hits.

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art Alexakis of EverclearSongwriter Interviews

The lead singer the Everclear, art is likewise their major songwriter.

Neal smith - "I"m Eighteen"They"re play My tune

With the tape in hazard of gift dropped from their label, Alice Cooper drummer Neal blacksmith co-wrote the track that began their trek indigenous horror present curiosity to the Rock and also Roll room of Fame.

La La Brooks of The CrystalsSong composing

The lead singer ~ above "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Then that Kissed Me," La La explains how and why Phil Spector changed The Crystals v Darlene Love on "He"s A Rebel."

Allen Toussaint - "Southern Nights"They"re playing My song

A track he wrote and also recorded indigenous "sheer spiritual inspiration," Allen"s didn"t think "Southern Nights" had actually hit potential until Glen Campbell take it it come #1 two years later.