The creative agency Publicis Kaplan Thaler made this funny advert for T-Mobile. The commercial features Rainn Wilson, an American actor, ideal known for his duty as Dwight Schrute on the American version of the tv comedy The Office. As he it s okay passed indigenous representative to the automated machine to 80’s elevator music organize line, he begins to contemplate how to ideal use the time in his life. The commercial tagline is “The Un-Carrier” and also the official hashtag is #UnCarrier

Below you can read the complete press release from T-Mobile’s around latest un-carrier move: Real People, no Robots. Presenting T-Mobile Team of Experts.

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T-Mobile offers customers absent star status with a Team the Experts committed just come you. No bots. No bouncing. No BS.

This Un-carrier move ends the best customer business pain points: the hated phone menu & the call center runaround. The ideal customer business in wireless just got better.

Real customer business takes actual people. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today introduced T-Mobile Team of experts nationwide and turned timeless customer treatment on the head. T-Mobile’s latest Un-carrier move takes aim at the biggest pain suggest yet – the old, damaged customer treatment model that has actually frustrated Americans for decades. Through Team that Experts, when you contact or message T-Mobile, you get a tight-knit team specialized to you and others in her city. There are no robots or automated call menus. No obtaining bounced roughly from department to department. No shouting “representative.” you now have your own entourage in ~ T-Mobile specialized to you and also your happiness. Girlfriend can even see a photo of her Team of professionals in the T-Mobile application on iOS and Android.

And, T-Mobile additionally announced the your rock star status extends past the Un-carrier with upgrades at Live nation shows and with Pandora music.

“‘Your contact is necessary to us’ space the 6 emptiest words ever robo-spoken,” stated John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “People are fed up with terrible customer service that place cost manage ahead of customer happiness. While various other brands mechanize client service, we’re walk the other way – no bots, no bouncing, no BS. V Team of Experts, we’re tearing up the traditional playbook, killing the call menu and putting human being at the facility of client care, favor they must be. Due to the fact that at T-Mobile, our client have always been absent stars come us.”

Team of Experts: Real aid Takes genuine People

T-Mobile Team of specialists is a radical re-invention and also changes everything around the customer endure by putting human being first. When you speak to or message, you gain straight come a team committed to you. Rather than investing in avoiding customers with bots and automated call menus, the Un-carrier is making a substantial investment in offer customers with highly-skilled, highly-motivated people.

Team of professionals is rock star therapy whenever you require help. That means:

The finish of robots and phone menus – T-Mobile is death the automated call menu. You’ll never be compelled to speak to a robot, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or machine again – uneven you simply want to! as soon as you contact or message, you’re routed straight to your Team that Experts, or you deserve to tell her team once to contact you. The end of the call center runaround – traditional call centers randomly course you come reps who room overly-specialized come solve just one kind of issue and goaled on Average handle Time (aka how fast they can hang up or transfer you). That way customers gain bounced from department to department, forced to repeat us over and also over. V Team the Experts, you’ve gained people committed to you and also your happiness, and they’re highly-trained to manage a wide range of topics, sometimes working with specialists consisting of local retail and also engineering come solve also the most complicated issues. The end of being told when and also how you have the right to get help – most brands tell girlfriend how and also when you deserve to reach them. In ~ AT&T and also Verizon, forget calling outside of office hours … they won’t choose up. Team of professionals is on her terms – you can call 24/7, schedule a call-back and soon, simply ask Alexa or Google to have your Team of Experts call you. Plus, the Un-carrier has launched asynchronous messaging for all T-Mobile customers in the T-Mobile App and iMessage. Instead of waiting for a rep, you room in control. Post your Team v an issue, and also they’ll acquire right to work-related on it. However you don’t need to wait. Come earlier to the whenever functions for you. “Team of specialists isn’t just far better customer service. It’s an completely new means of thinking about customers … one the puts your joy at the center of everything we do,” said Callie Field, EVP that Customer treatment at T-Mobile. “Some brands attempt to give high-dollar client the type of treatment we give everyone with Team that Experts. Since at T-Mobile, we think simply being our customer makes you a rock star. Team of experts is ‘one percenter’ treatment for the remainder of us!”

Team of specialists is currently live for T-Mobile postpaid client for cost-free and is gift rolled out to every business and also public-sector customer, too. Customers can reach their team however they want, yet the optimal means is to contact 611 from your T-Mobile phone call or message from the T-Mobile application or iMessage making use of Apple business Chat.

“T-Mobile’s Team of professionals is the many exciting breakthrough I’ve watched in a decade of examining customer experience. Various other brands use this model for their really most elite customers – like the airlines’ upstream platinum plus programs – or huge B2B accounts, but it’s radical for a brand to offer every customer this level the service,” stated Matt Dixon, previous Gartner and also Korn Ferry customer experience analyst and current chief Product and Research Officer that Tethr. “But, T-Mobile’s results – dramatically higher customer and also employee satisfaction and lower expenses – demonstrate how lot potential over there is for huge brands to think differently about customer care.”

Customer ‘Service’

Customers are fed increase with timeless customer service. 80% that customers aren’t satisfied with exactly how businesses answers to your problems, and no wonder – today’s customer organization experience is a maddening mess of navigating call menus, talking to robots, hear to poor hold music and getting bounced from department to department, repeating you yourself over and over again. 90% of consumers say they never want to speak to an IVR – in ~ all.1 Yet, brands spent $3.73 exchange rate on this hated an innovation last year.2 And, when you gain through the automated phone menu, get ready because that a many of crucial soft jazz – the typical American will waste 12 job on host with customer service throughout their lifetime.3 once you lastly reach a human, practically 40% of calls in wireless space transferred,4 forcing girlfriend to start the cycle over again and repeat you yourself to the next rep.

Once did you do it navigated the customer support maze and also are finally talking come the right rep, it’s entirely transactional – due to the fact that that’s the cheapest means for enterprise to handle you. So, the 2nd you cave up, that rep is done with you…maybe forever. If you contact back, you begin the maddening procedure all end again.

This is exactly how most companies today define “service.” no so, v Team the Experts.

In a time when most brands room mechanizing customer interactions through bots and artificial intelligence, T-Mobile is investing in people. Friend call, you obtain a smart capable human, and your Team of professionals has all the people needed to resolve most any issue. Yes, T-Mobile just made the best service in wireless even better.

Customer Results: 56% boost in network Promoter Score (NPS)

The Un-carrier spent over two years testing and also optimizing Team of experts with smaller sized customer groups and businesses prior to launching nationwide today. Those early on results are incredible! through Team that Experts, network Promoter Score (NPS) – or likelihood to introduce – increased an unmatched 56%,5 placing T-Mobile top top par with other brands famous for your customer care.

Two main ago, the Un-carrier additionally received J.D. Power’s greatest score ever given in full-service wireless customer treatment – yet again. That’s right – the “Highest in client Service among Full business Wireless Providers, two Times in a Row.” and also that’s all prior to today’s nationwide Team of specialists launch!

Employee Results: Eighteen best Place to job-related Awards

Not just are contact centers poor for customers, castle aren’t good for employees, either. The churn and burn of contact after contact with irate, phone-menu-frustrated client is a tough, thankless project that many don’t keep for long. Call facility rep is just one of the highest turnover occupations in the country – an ext than twice the nationwide average. And, speak to centers are large employers! there are nearly 2.8 million call facility reps in the U.S. … practically 1 in 56 functioning Americans!6

With Team that Experts, T-Mobile invest even much more deeply in making customer treatment a true career – with an ext training, more opportunities because that advancement, much more empowerment to perform what’s right for customers, customer-focused incentives and redesigned physical spaces the look more like sink startups than phone bank cube farms. And also the professionals love the – in fact, T-Mobile customer endure centers were called a ideal place to job-related 18 times, just in 2017 alone! turnover in T-Mobile’s care team is down a amazing 48% in the last 3 years, and the company has an tremendous 90% interior promotion price in customer care.

Business Results: large Investment with huge ROI

Because nobody rather is doing care this way, T-Mobile had to produce a radically different model…and Team of specialists is a huge investment that’s paying off large time. In Q2 the 2018 – even prior to Team of professionals went live nationwide this particular day – customer service costs for postpaid were the lowest in company background due to under calls every account and callbacks – do Team of specialists a win, not just for customers and also employees, but for shareholders, too.

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“Something this big isn’t done overnight. It starts with a customer experience obsessed culture, and also a perspective that says customer pleasure is project #1,” said Mike Sievert, President and also COO in ~ T-Mobile. “Team of professionals is a massive investment, yet like all our Un-carrier moves, we made it based upon a firmly held belief that act what’s appropriate for client is the exact same thing together what’s appropriate for our business. Team of professionals was a risk, however one of the smartest risks we’ve ever taken.”

Changing the market … and also Beyond

Because Team of professionals is together a win for customers, employees and also shareholders, T-Mobile also announced they’ll re-publishing the Team of skilled blueprints to assist other service providers (ahem, AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Verizon) embrace the revolutionary treatment model. That has licensing number of patent-pending modern technologies for cost-free to anyone that commits come Team of specialists for all their customers. Due to the fact that every client of every product or service deserves to be treated choose a absent star.