A Raspberry Pi battery can make a regular Pi into a portable computer. You"ll need one of these battery solutions to get started.

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Battery Pack for Raspberry Pi, 4000mAh, Adhesive BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Any portable battery designed to charge a smartphone over USB can be used with the Raspberry Pi. Sold as a dedicated solution is the Battery Pack for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ from VGE.

Shipping with a case that can be attached to your Pi, this 4000mAh battery outputs 5V. Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ and later, two USB ports let you power your Pi and a display.

As you might expect, this battery pack can also double as a smartphone or tablet recharger. This makes it the perfect all-round portable battery for your favorite tech, ideal for the Raspberry Pi.

2. PiJuice HAT

kuman for Raspberry Pi Lithium Battery Pack Expansion Board RPi Power Pack Power Supply+ USB Cable + 2 Layer Acrylic Board for Pi 3 2 Model B KY68C (Raspberry Pi Lithium Battery) BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Comprising a two-layer acrylic board, battery expansion board, and a 5V battery, this is a slick Raspberry Pi power solution. Shipping with all the required cables, screws, and risers, the Kuman Lithium Battery Pack lets you mount your Pi along with the board.


The expansion board sits below the Pi, allowing access to the connectors and the GPIO. It also features a power LED and switch and manages recharging. Double USB output is included, one to power the Pi, the other for a second device such as Kuman"s own 3.5-inch LCD display.

Using this solution, you can expect up to nine hours" charge, although this will depend on your Pi. For example, a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running all four processor cores will run out of power quicker.

4. DIY Portable Raspberry Pi Power Supply

In keeping with the nature of the Raspberry Pi, you might opt to build your own portable power supply.

You can do this relatively cheaply, employing a battery box suitable for AA batteries and a Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit. You"ll need six or more AA batteries for this solution, but it"s possible to hook up other cells, if preferred.


The UBEC is a power regulator that prevents batteries from damaging the Pi, so should be considered a vital component.

A battery box and UBEC can be purchased for a total price of less than $15 including postage.

Building your DIY portable battery pack is reasonably simple. Connect the red wire on the battery box to the red wire on the UBEC, repeating for the black wire. You might do this using a terminal strip, or simply by twisting and soldering the wires together.

Depending on which type of UBEC you purchase, you may need to perform some customization here. They usually ship with a micro USB connector for your Raspberry Pi, but if you receive the three pin GPIO connector, then you will need to move the red wire to the outermost pin slot.

Do this by releasing the catch on the connector; you can then pull the red wire from the middle slot and insert it in the outermost slot. This wire can be connected to the GPIO on pins 2 (the +5V red wire) and 6.


To power up your Raspberry Pi, insert all but one of the batteries into the box and connect everything. When you"re ready, add the final battery and watch the status lights as the Pi boots. Success!

How Long Will Batteries Last?

Your chosen power cell"s duration will depend on use. If you built a handheld gaming system, then it is likely the charge will be depleted with constant use. This contrasts with a project with a simpler use such as monitoring your network. It"s a good idea to test your project to get an idea of how long the charge will last.

4 Ways to Power Your Raspberry Pi on the Go!

With so many options for Raspberry Pi battery projects, it"s important to have a flexible power solution.

We reckon the following four options are the best:

Smartphone battery charger PiJuice HAT Kuman battery expansion board Build your own battery pack

All these portable power solutions for the Raspberry Pi should help you run the computer outdoors, whatever the project. And if you need help adding a power button to your Raspberry Pi, check out our guide. You might also want to consider buying a few of these top accessories to get the most out of your Raspberry Pi.

Using your Pi outdoors? Make sure your Raspberry Pi is secured before beginning your next project.

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