Ray Leonard Jr. Has over two decades of suffer as a sports and entertainment executive, motivational speaker and also leadership coach. He has actually lead programs for the us Navy,Olympics, NBA, NFL, and world championship boxing.

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Ray Leonard Jr. Is 1/2 of the worlds greatest management & executive coaching team. Ray has over twenty years domestic and also international endure as a professional manager and organizational consultant in the sports and entertainment industries, and has a unique capacity to direct facility projects from concept to fully operational status. That is a talented Motivational speaker & Ambassador.Ray is a member of several governance and also advisory boards. He is the previous CEO of Leonard sporting activities & Entertainment, a full service sports and entertainment management company specializing in pairing celebrities through corporations. Ray has controlled medium to large-scale projects globally offering diversity training, team building, and business consulting. Beam has noted vision and goal-focused team techniques for Coca Cola, Polaroid, Everlast, EA sports, and also many other Fortune 500 Corporations. Ray works carefully with managers and staff come strengthen internal capacity, navigate complex relationships, and also manage organizational processes. Ray has a solid collaborative approach and also a facilitative style and has to be responsible for developing effective and sustainable management advancement programs that have actually improved managerial efficiency at number of organizations. He excels in ~ coaching managers, top inter-disciplinary groups to build a companies inner capacity come manage and train staff, facilitating meetings and also retreats that emphasis on employee engagement, team building, readiness for adjust and power development. Charitable work and community development is likewise a major passion. The is right now on the plank of directors for Walking Miracles and also he served as Co-Executive director for the Youth Recreation association of Philadelphia for 2 years, and also has to be a mentor because that the Magic Johnson structure and The walking Miracles Foundation. Ray is a indigenous of Maryland and has a Bachelors of scientific research from Ohio university in Athens, Ohio. He to be a 2 sport division 1A athlete, excelling in football and track and field. Ray right now resides in California through his wife and also four children.
Ray Charles Leonard JrCOO/ OwnerLaunch Team ConsultingWebsite
:www.LaunchTeamConsulting.comPhone:9497775256Address:34086 Galleron St Temecula, CA 92592Temecula, CaliforniaUnited StatesAreas the Expertise:Sports LeadershipChange Management

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