On the surface, Re:Zero might simply seem favor an anime through a love because that torture and also angst. However the Re:Zero cosmos is actually quite huge, and also there is a huge ocean of information and also questions the come v it. Unfortunately, the anime can not cover lock all and also leaves out some very important parts you need to know. Here are some points not displayed in the anime the might readjust everything you think girlfriend know about Re:Zero.

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In fact, Priscilla"s knight Aldebaran, or Al for short, was summoned to Emilia"s world 18 years ago. However the purpose of Aldebaran"s connection to Subaru remains unclear, also though Al often tends to call Subaru "Kyoudai" in the anime. "Kyoudai" method sibling in Japanese, so probably Aldebaran knows something Subaru doesn"t?

2 . Aldebaran knows a an enig About Rem and Ram


When Subaru stops working to to convince Priscilla into helping to protect Emilia in illustration 16 that the anime, Aldebaran escorts Subaru and Rem out of the building. Then, castle exchange some meaningless dialogue and go separate ways. However here is one excerpt from the light novel that raises some eyebrows:

And below it is approximately translated:

Al : Goodbye, brother and miss, ah, you need to be ram right? Take great care that him.

Rem : ram is mine older sister"s name. Rem"s surname is Rem, Al-sama.

(Al all of sudden stops.)

Al : Rem?

Al : Don"t talk nonsense. You"re Ram, right?

Rem : It"s Rem. Pardon me, yet where have actually you met my sister, Al-sama?

Al : What the...

Al : miss is Rem, enlarge sister is Ram.

Rem : That"s right.

Al : sorry for questioning this, is that older sister still alive?

Rem : i don"t know why you"re asking, however of course she"s alive.

(Subaru unexpectedly feels push from Al.)

Al : -Don"t f*** through me.

(Rem stops using healing magic and on her guard)

Al : Relax. Ns won"t carry out anything.

Al : I"m sorry, but could you easily leave? You could have realized, I"m not in a great mood either.

Rem : Okay. Please offer Priscilla our thanks for her time.

(Subaru and also Rem leave.)

Al : F***, that"s how it is. The feels disgusting.

Just how much walk Al know about this world? He appears to it is in implying that Ram have to be dead? might Al have actually the exact same powers together Subaru? Not also the irradiate novel readers truly recognize what this all means, for this reason it"s anybody"s guess.

3. The human being of Re:Zero is Flat


Interestingly, Priscilla knows this in spite of not understanding what an Appa looks like. Characters such together Subaru and also Al are taken into consideration to have come from beyond the edge, so maybe the real human being exists somewhere past the edge?

4. Subaru make the efforts to kill Crusch through a Spoon


When Crusch, among the royal candidates, refuses to assist Subaru in killing the Witch"s Cult in illustration 16, that walks approximately her menacingly only to be stopped by Wilhelm.

Subaru is actually claimed to threaten the death Crusch v a spoon. Why is this important? because without this detail, why would anyone want to buy the Re:Zero officially licensed spoon?

5. There is an alternative Universe whereby Rem and Subaru have Children

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Strangely enough, characters in the anime are claimed to have actually RPG-style skills. Inspect out the an extremely overpowered Reinhart for example. He has actually some abilities girlfriend would never expect.

Sword Saint: Swordsmanship maxes out, and also become may be to attract Raid, the Dragon Sword.

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Arrow Avoidance: He can not be struggle by projectiles (this is why knife that Elsa threw went roughly him on its own)

Arrow Guarantee: any type of projectile he provides is guaranteed to struggle the target

Magic Resistance: No curses, debuffs, or buffs can affect him

Fire Avoidance: 80% palliation from fire damage

Wind Absorption: 80% the wind magic is absorbed

Earth Resistance: earth magic have actually 80% lessened effect top top him

Water Reflection: 80% water magic is reflected

Darkness Immunity: 80% of darkness magic is nullified

Light Sharing: 80% light magic is common to one more target

Swiftness: He deserve to move in ~ superhuman speed. This affect mounts as well

Riding Mastery: He can ride any animals

Initiative: He can not be ambushed and all initial attacks from Reinhardt connects

First strike Immunity: The an initial time an strike is performed at Reinhardt, it constantly misses

Preceding attack Immunity: The second attack and also all following strikes miss him

Rain Blessing: the gains strength in rain

Sun Blessing: that gains power in sunny weather

Night"s Blessing: that gains power throughout night

Morning Blessing: the gains power during morning

Mind Reading: Vague knowledge of what"s on various other people"s mind

Item Mastery: Able come know how to use any type of item that holds

Unarmed Mastery: Very strong even without any type of weapons

Blessing of battle God: Able come use any weapons masterfully

Blessing the Lake: deserve to walk on water

Blessing the Mist: Mist does no hinder his view

Blessing that Cloud: can walk on clouds

Blessing of Lightning: Lightning will never strike him

Sodium Knowledge: He will certainly never acquire salt and also sugar blended up

Taste King: No matter just how he cooks, the food will come out delicious

Blessing of Frying, Steaming, boil = finish mastery of all the food preparation methods

Clothes Designing: Can style fabulous clothing that will surely start a fad

Master Teacher: His students come to be successful in learning

Training Mastery: have the right to train not only his body but also other world to their maximum potential

Poison Immunity: Immune to every poison

Illness Immunity: Immune to all sickness and also disease

Power Bleeding: Bleeding actually makes him stronger

Blessing the the Phoenix: top top death, he is granted a "continue?" once

So what does this mean? to be Subaru"s initial instinct correct? Is that in a game after all? That can explain his "save point" skill.