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The first season of Ready come Love comes to an end and, as the title of the illustration notes, it has actually come under to committing to one human being or quitting the show.

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Out with The Aaron: Aaron, Angel

With the present having it wherein everyone had actually the ability to day multiple people, understandably, even for Aaron, the idea of lastly narrowing it under to one and also having them meet your household seems choose a leap. Especially because they simply did so. However, to add a whole new layer come it, the only household Aaron has actually locally is his son. So, when he looks at Angel and thinks of whereby she is in his life, he realizes she is not the one. She may have actually been worth some time to gain to know yet long term? Honestly, nah.

Thus leaving Angel, together diplomatic as ever, endings things with grace.



It’s to be an exciting journey.

I to be going to attempt to be nice because that a hot second. Just due to the fact that it is the finale. A small part of me thinks the Aaron, as much as he wasted Angel’s time, in him ultimately being moral may have reached a suggest he could eventually be ready to love. For taking what he claimed in the previous at challenge value, i think the man can have been trying to view if he still had actually it. That, after everything happened with his ex, to be he still attractive and had choices. Therefore the method he approached make the efforts to it is in open. It had actually nothing to perform with the other women but more so that trying to restore a sense of confidence with them.

Which is horrible, him using them prefer that, however unfortunately that might have been his journey. Perhaps explaining why, unequal every various other woman Aaron damaged up with, point of view didn’t flip out. An ext than likely she experienced potential, a possible project, and also with her being one of the young ones, like Ashlee, she had patience the others long lost. Even regardless of all the red flags Aaron raised and the other ladies sharp out.

Ready come Love? – Ashlee and Alexx

For Ashlee and Alexx, among the main obstacles is that Ashlee wasn’t yes, really Alexx’s top selection until things acquired too complicated with Tiffany. So meeting the families was not only a substantial leap, but likewise a check to check out if they can weather a few storms. Now, as expected, Ashlee has no worries meeting Alexx’s family. After all, when has it been a fight for a mrs to win over a man’s family? specifically if his momma isn’t there to scope things out?

However, once it pertains to Ashlee’s family? Well, things room a small iffy. While she dad has unfortunately passed, 2 of she brothers room present and with discovering Alexx has a background of cheating – significant RED FLAG! after ~ all, Ashlee has actually been cheated on in the past and seemingly is just coming out of her covering now.

You see, once her dad was murdered, ago in 2008, during her an elderly year that college, she started to focus on others, an especially her mom, much more than herself. Then, once she got back in the dating scene, it seems she simply wanted to be wanted and also that lower her standards a bit. So v Alexx admitting to gift a cheater, while his honesty is appreciated, it makes Ashlee’s little brothers worried.

However, v honesty come forgiveness and also understanding. That notes the was him together a young man and he cheated top top someone since they cheated on him. Something that notes to be petty. So as soon as it come to choosing if this will be lengthy term, that is determined they’ll offer it a go.



I still, low-key, feeling the main reason Ashlee finished up v Alexx isn’t just due to the fact that she didn’t try to change him, but due to the fact that they didn’t leaving the honeymoon stage. These 2 were a midgame relationship which, let’s it is in honest, didn’t get all that serious until Tiffany obtained too major for Aaron. Once it wasn’t funny anymore and also they had actually to both job-related on their internal issues, and the relationship, that went through the bubbly girl who was flirty and fun.

Which isn’t to put down Ashlee but, honestly, it’s difficult to imagine what this relationship will be like when she is looking to spend time with him however he is working. What happens when he sees her not being bubbly and also jokey and also she is emotion down about something. Specifically if she gets right into a funk i m sorry lasts a while. Together someone in her family noted, he right now is mirroring his representative come a allude and for this reason is she. Not to suggest either are being fake but there is a need to question if Ashlee took keep in mind of Alexx’s arguments with Tiffany. Not simply in regards to Tiffany’s component in them however Alexx’s together well.

For, like with Angel, you check out a completely different technique than what the women over 40, sans Rita, had to relationships. Pushing you to wonder if Alexx, who is only 3 years older 보다 Ashlee, is just a far better match with her because of age, or because she isn’t in ~ that allude where she has been hurt come the point of make a male prove himself. At least in such a method where it is prefer he start off with a strike because that being a man and also has to work hard to prove the isn’t favor the others.

Ready to Love? — Mike and Shea

Mike and also Shea have been just one of the few who never really strayed from one another. For while, yes, Mike and also Shatava had some interest, the was mainly flirty. Therefore why, once things acquired bad and also Shatava could have provided Mike to speak to, he, sadly, wasn’t there or available. It wasn’t necessarily her yet just him no being invest in the way a boyfriend, potential husband, have to be. He remained in the type of a friend who you call when other is wrong. Not a dude who can kind of feeling it for this reason he knows to contact ahead that time.

Bringing it earlier to Shea, points aren’t together smooth once Shea meets Mike’s family, like when Ashlee met Alexx’s. Because that one, Shea is conference Mike’s Baba, a spirituality leader, for this reason as lot as it is around him giving of her, there is factor to consider of who Shea is together well. That is, separate from Mike. Which, in law his practices, he note she is fiery and also Shea acknowledges this. She knows she may have to dial things back a bit. Yet, we’re reminded the reason things are at the level they room is due to the fact that she frequently had to protect herself.

Though, through meeting Shea’s mom, that is also detailed that over there is room because that vulnerability behind the strength. Because that what we view in Mike, contrasted to the other man, is someone willing to action up once things acquired hard. Who, when hosted accountable, didn’t start looking for alternatives and make excuses. For this reason Shea’s mom, likely knowing what go on before, seeming cool v Mike. She isn’t raving and saying, “You far better marry that man!” however doesn’t feel she demands to litter up red flags and also tell Shea to operation either. She simply thinks they should take points slow but can ultimately be happy.

Leaving us through the cutest moment. One i beg your pardon is a culmination of every we’ve watched before. For v each brick Mike removes, we check out Shea much more and an ext bashful. Mindful in a way, but the positive outlook beaming through. Thus really presenting the perfect end for a present named “Ready to Love” for us are offered a couple who is simply that. If not in love already.



While there was the strange Tiffany moment, which seems so random as soon as I think about it, Shea and also Michael were end game from the get-go. Like Stormy and Pastor Chris, there was an immediate connection. The sort which got complex by this elimination nonsense however ultimately made it through. Offering us among the many beautiful points a person can see. The is, see love in every its stages v a person’s eyes.

What I mean by the is, as the montage played, we witnessed puppy love in Shea’s eyes, teenager love, and also grown ass love. Every phase was hit prefer she was learning what love was everywhere again and was capturing up top top wasted time. All while Michael confirmed himself as someone who might not only be a protector of she heart however someone who had an admiration for her strength. I’m talking, a guy who, as Ashlee said of her relationship with Alexx, isn’t trying to adjust the other person.

Now, was he very much do or break as soon as it pertained to kids? Yeah. However, it has to be detailed between the process of getting pregnant, giving birth, and with Shea having actually post-partum depression thereafter, that is a totality lot to ask. So even with Mike gift a good dude, there needs to be potential to be the one in there. Otherwise, it would be Shea repeating a decision she made over 20 years ago that she has actually accepted, functioned through, but surely didn’t want to repeat.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

How the men who got eliminated are going to be as soon as the reunion airs following week!


Seeing 2 people, that a tool to dark skin tone, fallout’s in love. Miscellaneous you hardly ever see top top television, possibly in movies as well.In Shea detect love, you are reminded the it wasn’t that ladies don’t need to lower your standards, be ready to placed up v BS, or not hold men accountable. It’s the men have to step up, listen, and be consistent. If the is done then there won’t be as numerous problems which simply come normally when 2 people shot to re-publishing a life together.

On The Fence

Aaron’s “journey,” if you desire to speak to it that, causing him making use of someone like Angel come grow. Thus presenting a very unfortunate thing a many women, especially Black women, go through. The is, having actually a man use them for their growth, which lock support, and they room left through nothing however wasted time and also maybe a tiny bit that embarrassment.

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