travel come the northernmost city in north America: Barrow, Alaska. While there is

plenty the fascinating information about this Arctic frontier town, this

video is walk to take a slightly more personal approach. Rather of truth and

figures. I"m going to read an excerpt from the newspaper I kept in Barrow, and

share some an initial impressions.

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Barrow, Alaska is beautiful. Probably not in the classic sense, together aside from a

handful of respectable hotels and also government buildings, the city could only

be defined as gritty, faded, and also utilitarian.

But for every its dust, and mud, and also near complete lack of biology comforts,

Barrow manages to do you smile.

Not without a scarf around your face, that course, together your lips are liable come crack

from the cold have to you effort it.

Barrow is a city utterly there is no pretense. It makes no excuses for its rugged

appearance, nor would certainly you suppose it to, together everyone in city has more important things to do.

So, while the is true the the town is unapologetically Spartan, for

it come be any type of other method would it seems to be ~ disingenuous.

You wouldn"t expect an opera house, or a botanical Garden,

or any other such frivolities native a frontier town,

and you won"t find them here, yet what friend do acquire is other much an ext special.

This frozen city of 5,000 people sits on the an extremely edge the the Arctic

Ocean, an expanse largely covered in thick sea

ice and drifts of snow.

Trudging across the dirty, gray stretch the sand follow me the

ocean in layers top top layers that winter clothing, and also looking the end over the

endless expanse the white renders you realize how uniquely unsuited people are to such an environment.

The reality that polar bear are well-known to float along

the icy coast just a stone"s litter from the beach absolutely adds to the feeling

of gift in a position of inferiority.

As you leaving the shoreline and walk follow me the muddy roads

of Barrow, friend can start to item together a ramshackle history

of the stubborn outpost. Cars and also trucks in differing stages of decay litter the

outskirts and snowdrifts the town. Here, a job-related truck, half buried in snow, its

windows shattered, and door hanging limply from its hinges. There, a ruined

old car, paint almost stripped bare and sunk into the bumpers in thick, perpetual

mud. Whole lineage of automobiles, stretching earlier to the beginning of

barrow itself, which coughed your last, and were left come crumble wherein they

stood, defeated by problems too unforgiving for all however the many robust utility vehicles.

As ns sit composing this, the clock inches in the direction of midnight, and

yet outside the window the town continues to be bathed in a dull, blue-grey light.

The van pass much less frequently, and also the goals have actually mostly resolved for the night,

but the sun refuses come relinquish its grip on the day.

During this time of year, week after mainly of unforgiving sunlight renders blackout shades

a necessity, with which, thankfully, our hotel is equipped. This harsh day-to-day truth is what

makes Barrow so beautiful in its own special way. The juxtaposition, that line

drawn in the sand between man and also nature, a ar where, for all our ingenuity,

nature still it s okay the best of us. It"s no a location I"d favor to stay, it"s not a

place I"ll most likely visit again, yet it"s certainly not a ar I"ll ever forget.

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