Did the story just stop at chapter 238? Is there any way I can get the raw version of this book? Edit%Here's a link to the stody https://m.webnovel.com/book/reborn%3A-evolving-from-nothing_11365254206340405?bookId=reborn%3A-evolving-from-nothing_11365254206340405&activeTab=content


The 'Raw' is exactly what you are reading... it is written by u/AuthorWiz that also writes Reborn: Apocalypse and from what i know he went on a few months MIA/Hiatus and just came back on Patreon for Reborn: Apocalypse continuation....

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I tagged him so he might reply or u gotta ask him if he plans to continue his webnovel story Reborn: Evolving from nothing.

And for the person that asked: https://www.webnovel.com/book/11365254206340405/Reborn%3A-Evolving-From-Nothing

Is it too much to provide a link to what you are asking about?

Most web novel format stories end up in hiatus state forever because the writers are not professionals writing the stories for a living.


He flaked out after getting at least a thousand a month (before Patreon's cut and everything). Basically he stopped writing sometime towards the end of February right before he published his latest novel


I think getting hundreds of readers to pay for the books put off some of his financial concerns. He's trying to get back, but has missed multiple self-imposed deadlines. Feel free to pay him money to read why he stopped writing.

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