91. The recording of the tasks completed would encompass a credit transaction to: A. Factory OverheadB. Finished GoodsC. Work in ProcessD. Cost of goods Sold


92. The record of the tasks shipped and also customers billed would encompass a debit to: A. Accounts PayableB. CashC. Finished GoodsD. Cost of products Sold


93. The recording of the tasks shipped and customers billed would encompass a credit transaction to: A. Accounts PayableB. CashC. Finished GoodsD. Cost of goods Sold


94. The finished products account is the controlling account because that the: A. cost ledgerB. materials ledgerC. work in procedure ledgerD. stock ledger


95. The managing account because that the cost ledger is: A. Finished GoodsB. MaterialsC. Work in ProcessD. Cost of items Sold


96. Poobah Manufacturers Inc. Has estimated full factory overhead expenses of $95,000 and 10,000 direct labor hours for the existing fiscal year. If task number 117 incurred 1,600 direct labor hours, the job-related in procedure account will certainly be debited and factory overhead will be attributed for: A. $15,200B. $1,600C. $95,000D. cannot be determined


97. A widely used activity base for arising factory overhead rates in very automated setups is: A. direct labor hoursB. direct labor dollarsC. direct materialsD. machine hours


98. When project 711 was completed, direct materials totaled $4,000; straight labor, $4,600; and also factory overhead, $2,400, respectively. Units produced totaled 1,000. Unit costs are: A. $11,000B. $1,100C. $110D. $11


99. The correct entry because that each revenue of a finished good on account is: A. debit cost of products Sold, credit Finished GoodsB. debit price of products Sold, credit Finished Goods, debit account Receivable, credit SalesC. debit Sales Expense, credit Finished Goods, credit Cash, credit transaction Accounts ReceivableD. debit job-related in Process, credit Finished Goods, debit accounts Receivable, credit Sales


100. Materials purchase on account during the month amounted to $195,000.

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Materials requisitioned and placed in manufacturing totaled $168,000. From the following, pick the entrance to record the transaction top top the day the materials were bought. A. Materials                             168,000  Accounts Payable                                   168,000B. Materials                             195,000  Accounts Payable                                   195,000C. Materials                             195,000  Cash                                                       195,000D. Accounts Payable                195,000  Materials                                                195,000