Red Dead Redemption 2 camp needs are presented shortly after ~ you start chapter 2. Her gang camp has three demands: provisions, ammunition, and medicine. This needs need to be met, or the corridor will start to lose morale, and also the camp will turn right into a typically nasty location to be. Here’s everything you need to know about meeting the camp’s needs in Red Dead 2, and what you obtain from raising morale.

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How to meet Camp needs in Red Dead Redemption 2

Camp needs depend ~ above a secure supply of materials to the camp. Your gang needs food, ammo, and meds to keep alive and healthy. Nothing make sure they have actually these things and also you’ll find world will start getting mean and also ornery. You can see just how much of each item your camp has actually by looking in the upper right-hand corner of the screen when in camp.

There space three it is provided levels the tell you whether the gang demands a certain item or it has enough.


Gang moral is linked with camp needs but is a different system. As soon as gang moral is high, you’ll find that corridor members acquire along better, and are an ext likely come donate money and also items to the donation box. Besides keeping camp demands fulfilled, there space a few ways come ensure corridor morale is high.

These action raise corridor morale in RDR2:

Donating money and also items come the tithing box.Doing chores around camp.Completing items requests from corridor members.Buying the lodging upgrades because that the camp.Crafting camp decorations native Pearson.

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As stated above, as soon as the corridor is happy and also taken care of, lock donate an ext to the camp. This takes a little of the financial burden off the you. Castle also more pleasant to it is in around and also are much more likely come have expanded conversations v you. All the over acts also raise your honor, so it’s a win-win to carry out them.

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