In RDR2, Eagle Eye treats drunk NPCs as something Arthur is may be to track in the same way an animal would, presumably based on their scent.

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For much better or worse, Rockstar set out to make the many realistic and immersive simulation that what life was favor in the old west when developing Red Dead Redemption 2. The game has to be both praised and derided because that its strictly attempt at depicting the civilization in a reality manor. This comes through in many forms, such as your character"s hair and also beard cultivation over time, comprehensive animations for skinning animals, and of course, the infamous equine testicles detail.

that doesn"t mean there aren"t part concessions make to make the game still role as a game, consisting of the Eagle Eye mechanic. This mechanic is presented to the player throughout a hunting mission where Arthur goes out with Charles trying to find animals. Through activating Eagle Eye, you deserve to use trails left by animals to track and kill them, and also easily collect highlighted plants.

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In Red Dead Redemption 2, some drunkards will certainly glow and leave trails during Eagle Eye, implying you might track them by odor from GamingDetails

What DarkTide48 discovered and shared on Reddit was the this unique vision includes much more than simply wild animals as potential prey. Eagle Eye additionally treats drunk NPCs as something Arthur would have the ability to track in the same means an animal would, presumably based on their scent.

when the ramifications of this space a small troublesome, although Arthur isn"t over killing various other men, it does raise a lot of questions. Is the the odor of alcohol the Arthur is picking up, or just that a drunk person is an ext likely to have actually a strong odor than normal towns people? This is the old west, ~ all, so it isn"t as though the average person is walk to odor all that great anyway.

A couple of other commentators have pointed the end that the isn"t simply random NPCs that take on this glow. Uncle and Bill, 2 other characters known to gain their fair share the alcohol, will likewise exhibit this same glow.

This is just one out of numerous discoveries world are quiet making in the human being of Red Dead Redemption 2 that display just how much love and care the developers poured into it over the years. While it may not median much in terms of actually impacting the gameplay, the is nevertheless a fun small detail that by no method had to be included.


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