The enormous open up civilization of Red Dead Redemption 2 is complete of interesting mysteries, consisting of the instance of the woman who shows up in the home window of the Emerald Ranch.

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red dead redemption 2 emerald ranch daughter
The human being of Red Dead Redemption 2 is complete of intriguing mysteries and also surprise details that may fly under the radar for those who are just casually playing through the game. Gamers that want to dive into the open up world western detailed will find all sorts of subtle storylines that aren"t main side searches or objectives, consisting of the continuous mystery of the woguy in the home window at the Emerald Ranch, though some think that they"ve figured it out.

When speaking to miscellaneous personalities that live roughly the Emerald Ranch in Red Dead Redemption 2, players will hear rumors and also gossip around the rancher"s daughter, who has now been figured out by players as Miriam Wegner. Miriam can periodically be seen looking with a window at the Emerald Ranch, a sight that looks pretty creepy at nighttime.

Players that wish to resolve the Emerald Ranch mystery for themselves will desire to take a trip to an abandoned US mail carrier wagon that"s located southwest of Fort Wallace in the Cumberland also Foremainder. The precise area is marked here on the map:

red dead redemption 2 cumberland also woodland mail carriage location
Players can loot the mail carriage to discover a letter addressed to Miriam Wegner that defines just how she shed her considerable other Joshua "in such a horrible method." Annabelle, the writer of the letter and Miriam"s cousin, has apparently composed Miriam 6 times via no response. In the letter, she surmises that Miriam is not responding due to grief and also isolation, or that Miriam"s father, Annabelle"s Uncle Eugene, is withholding the letters from her.

Some players may be wondering what precisely taken place to Joshua, and for even more information on that, they have to visit the abandoned saloon near the Emerald Ranch. Inside players will certainly uncover a crime scene, with blood on the floor and bullet holes in the wall. Behind the saloon, players will uncover the tombstone for Joshua Citizen.

Now if players head to the house at the Emerald Ranch, they will certainly often find Eugene Wegner sitting on the porch. Eugene is hostile, and will certainly nearly constantly challenge players to a fight. Players can safely beat him up without obtaining in trouble with the legislation or the locals, presumably because civilization kind of understand that Eugene most likely eliminated Joshua and also is now holding Miriam in the residence against her will.

Here is a video clip that describes the Emerald Ranch mystery, though be warned that it does have MAJOR SPOILERS for Red Dead Redemption 2"s finishing and epilogue:

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