Find Out how to gain Exotic Bird meat and also finish the "Cooked Seasoned Exotic Bird meat" difficulty in Red Dead Online.

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Tbelow are tons of pets, plants, and collectible items to find as you check out the human being of Red Dead Redemption 2 in Red Dead Online. Each day you’ll receive a new list of daily difficulties, which will certainly generally desire you to discover some type of animals, plants, or specific item. In this overview we’ll show you just how to finish the difficulty to prepare seasoned Exotic Bird Meat by reflecting you exactly how to discover the Pelideserve to and also acquire Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online.

Pelihave the right to place - How to obtain Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online

Like many of the pets in Red Dead Redemption 2, you have the right to normally uncover a particular percentage of the map that proves fairly handy for gathering those animals and the meat or items that they need to sell. Pelicans are no various, and you deserve to discover a good spot for this pet situated simply west of Rhodes, and down the coastline about Braithwaite Manor.

Head to the areas we"ve noted on the map over to discover Pelihave the right to quickly, permitting you to farm up Exotic Bird Meat.

To find Pelideserve to, make your means alengthy the coastline in the areas that we’ve noted on the map above. These are hotspots for the Pelideserve to, which once plucked will certainly reward you through Exotic Bird Meat, which you must finish one of the many kind of day-to-day obstacles accessible in Red Dead Online. Once you’ve spotted a Pelideserve to, take it out using your Varmint Rifle or Small Video Game Arrows to keep from destroying the animal carcass. They can frequently be challenging to spot until they take off, so make use of your Dead Eye to lock on and take them out.

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How to cook seasoned Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online

Once you’ve discovered and also plucked a Pelideserve to, head to your camp in Red Dead Online. You deserve to uncover this by spotting the blue-colored tent on the map. If it’s too much ameans, considering having Cripps move it closer to you. Since we’re searching approximately Rhodes for this challenge, you deserve to set your camp up in Scarlet Meadows to move it much closer.

The American White Pelideserve to is a great source of Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online.

Head to the campfire and prepare the Exotic Bird Meat utilizing Thyme, Mint, or Oregano. You can find these items all approximately the people, and once used through the Exotic Bird Meat at the fire, you’ll be rewarded via Seasoned Exotic Bird Meat, which will certainly finish this obstacle.

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Now that you understand how to discover Exotic Bird Meat and complete this everyday difficulty, head earlier over to our finish Red Dead Redemption 2 strategy overview for also even more aid.