Catch the wagon and take it come the diverted spot in ~ 1 minute 45 secondsTake mar to the theaterFatherhood and Other dreams - IIFinding mar at the hotel, she wants Arthur to aid with she father who is acquiring worse. He"s start to pawn item that may not also be his.

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Rewards: NoneNote: This is one optional mission but will present in the Rockstar games Social club as absent if no done. The will immediately fill in after completing the game"s story.

Daddy issues

mar calls under to Arthur native the balcony. She is excited to watch him again and rushes come the street. The problem this time is her father. Arthur begins to go away because him and the father carry out not gain along. Mar tries to factor her father"s disliking of one outlaw. Arthur responds the he"s a drunk with problems of his own. Both calm down. Mary says she loved Arthur. Perhaps they were as well young. She asks Arthur come help. Expropriate or decline. If you decrease Mary wishes Arthur well and also goes ago inside the hotel.Accepting come help, mar tells Arthur she father was going come stables in the warehouse district. Mary states she should"ve operation away through Arthur years back but can"t elaborate. Both gain on Arthur"s horse. Ride come the stables
. Mary claims her father has been acquiring worse with drinking, gambling, and also pawning items. Showing up at the stables both dismount. Walk over to the door through Mary. She wants to proceed alone to check out what mood he is in.

Tortoise vs hare

if standing approximately a young male sweeping speak Arthur come leave. Arthur doesn"t take it so kindly come his remarks. As he threatens him, Mary and also her father exit. No a great mood. The dad tells mar to leave and also stumbles off. Earlier in control, monitor Mr. Gillis
at Mary"s request. She"ll follow too. Do not get too near or else he"ll spot you. Make your means through various alleyways v Arthur providing comments at every step.Eventually Mr. Gillis stop to market a brooch to a man named Ashton. Mary claims it was her mother"s. Also Mr. Gillis claims it"s a family members heirloom. Mary tells Arthur it to be left come her and also confronts she father. He sees Arthur and doesn"t have much great to say. Mary will remain here and also Arthur will gain the brooch. Follow after the buyer. Once you get to the street Arthur yells to him and also Ashton bolts. The jumps ~ above a wagon that takes off. Luckily, there space horses nearby you can borrow. One is next to Arthur through its owner. Stealing this one may give an adverse honor. Up close to the wagon is one more horse v no one around.

Catch up together the wagon pipeline St. Denis and enters the swamps. As soon as you obtain close sufficient jump top top it. Move Arthur come the front and he"ll toss one driver off. The various other will take the hint. With the reigns in hand, journey the wagon to a secluded spot
in the swamps. Stop in the emphasize area and Arthur dismounts. You are told to acquire the brooch native the buyer in the back. Traction him out. He"ll sell it earlier to Arthur for $100. Buy the or win Ashton till he offers it up. That runs off saying someone will certainly pay for this.

Back to business

through the brooch in hand, return it come Mary who is still in the alley. Seize the wagon or equine from it and also cinematics will take you back to her. Arthur finds mary alone. She doesn"t recognize where she father is however doesn"t want Arthur to go after him again. Arthur walks she to the trolley. He provides her the brooch. Mar stops to ask if Arthur wants to walk to the theater. Accept or decline. If you decline they continue to the trolley.Accepting, cutscenes lug you to a vaudeville show. You have the option to cheer or antagonize the acts. Leave whenever you wish. External the theatre Arthur proceeds their walk to the trolley. Mary asks if it"s also late because that them. Arthur claims he"s a want man and doesn"t desire her wrapped up in it all. Mary tells him to run away through her best now. Arthur can"t, or at least not till the corridor is free. Soon. Mary states she"ll create to Arthur and also gets ~ above the streetcar. She departs.

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Gold Tips

There is no as whole time objective so take it easy exterior of the wagon chase. Remain with mar while following Mr. Gillis to avoid detection.When Ashton runs, grab the equine on the left to chase him. It has actually decent stamina (as well as the other steed up the street) yet keep one eye on it.Stay on the roadway behind the wagon.Jump top top the wagon as soon as able and move up around halfway top top the side. Wait till you space close come the secluded point out (prior come the pond) prior to going the rest of the method to clean the motorists out. Note that if you happen the an initial spot shown above, you"ll be sent to another spot also further away.Quickly journey to the secluded spot.Accept the invite come the theater. You perform not need to stay.