There can be a range of demise and also dismemberment in Red Dead Redemption 2, however for Arthur and the remainder of the valve der Linde gang – personally from maybe Micah – guts and also gore aren’t one point to experience, but a crucial a component of being an outlaw. Yet out in ~ the wilds, you stumble onto one point altogether extra sinister – a serial killer, leaving messages choose “look on my works” and items the a map as a difficulty to would-be detectives. Carry out you will have the abdomen to search out the areas of every the killer proviso items and observe under Red Dead Redemption 2’s serial killer?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer – Killer clue map piece areas

Do you see?

The very first location in her grisly course is to the northeast the Strawberry and the southwest that Wallace prepare station (see screenshot). Southern of the station, together you’re taking the highway southeast in direction that the Dakota River, you’ll find an eviscerated physique on the north facet the the path. Yes, that can be a leg.


Press each the left and proper analogue rod into collectively to set off Eagle Eye, and also you’ll be capable to observe what she on the lookout for. Monitor the course of viscera phibìc to the black “X” in your map marked as “corpse”.


Here, you’ll uncover the serial killer’s first sufferer, presented with the ghoulish message: “do friend see”.

To your left, you’ll uncover a severed head, i beg your pardon accommodates the main killer clue piece. Inspect it, and also you’ll see that that a component of a map. That a difficulty left by the overconfident serial killer, daring somebody to attempt to uncover them.


Look on my works

Next, you’ll discover the second killer clue item to the southern of Valentine put up workplace and also prepare station (see screenshot). Again top top the north facet of the highway, you’ll uncover a torn up physique ~ above the route to the west that Citadel Rock, ~ above the west facet of the prepare tracks.


Strung up on the helps of the railway line is the serial killer’s 2nd sufferer, and you’ll find their head – in addition to the subsequent item of the map killer reservation – recorded to a put up as much as the left.


The chilling message of “look on mine works” can be the main you’d find in instance you’ve not regarded for this facet mission an especially – grim.


The ultimate piece of the puzzle is nearer come the highway that the final two. You desire to relocate down south, vault Rhodes and previous the polite warfare battle floor at Boulder Blade. Ideal the place the final “S” in Scarlett meadows is printed on the map, is the place it’s good to go (see screenshot).


To the east of Braithwaite Manor, top top the west side of the highway, you’ll find the third serial killer sufferer, in addition to the third killer clue item of the map.


You’ll uncover the severed head behind the tree.

Interestingly, this piece of the map comes published with a collection of numbers, and what shows up like a secure.

The complete map shows up like this:


American desires – the ar to find out the serial killer with the pieced collectively map

So, to find out the serial killer it’s an excellent to observe the map which factors you over a leg to a ruined cabin, v the code to a locked set of storm doorways.

The bridge on the map is the one come the southwest the Valentine, come the northeast of the Downes Ranch. Walk throughout it, and also it is ideal to be capable to see the ar you’re going.


To minimization a protracted story brief, the serial killer ar you’re on the lookout for is Lucky’s Cabin come the southwest of Valentine – you’ll watch it marked in pencil ~ above the map in situation you take it the southwestern highway the end of city, and earlier than lengthy, it’ll get marked as a Stranger Mission recognized as “American Dreams”.


In the centre of the white Stranger space, you’ll uncover the cabin.

Explore the basement at your peril, and benefit native the spooky encounter in retailer – ns received’t spoil it.

Finishing up

Once it is over and also finished with, stow the Stranger on the again of your horse and head into city to present him in.


In the adhering to scene, friend will have actually a different – kill the serial killer, or permit the Sheriff death him.

Do the soiled occupational your me and likewise you’ll it is in rewarded through $20. Store your pistol in that holster and likewise you’ll gain nothing yet the satisfaction of a project nicely finished.

For extra Red Dead Redemption 2 easter eggs, take it a look in ~ our full web page.

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