Group: Chapter 3 - Clemens Point

Category: Story Mission

You will have the ability to start this mission the following day after ~ you have completed the Advertising, the new American arts mission. To execute that, talk to dutch at her camp. Dutch will certainly ask girlfriend to find out an ext from Trelawny about the bounty hunters he pointed out to you as soon as you freed him.

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Dutch asked friend to uncover out an ext about the bounty hunters the Trelawny mentioned.

Arthur and also Charles walk to track down Trelawny in ~ his rental caravan in Rhodes.

Warning: once you have completed this mission, The fine Joys that Tobacco mission will certainly no much longer be available. So finish this other mission earlier.

Gold Medal Checklist

lnspect all the ideas in Trelawny"s CaravanWhile tracking, continue to be within 30 feet that Trelawny"s trailKill 2 Bounty Hunters in the cornfields in ~ 1 minuteComplete the mission without taking any kind of health items

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Prior missions

To begin Magicians because that Sport you must first complete Advertising, the brand-new American Art.

Objectives the Magicians because that Sport

1. Go to Charles / mountain your horse / Ride to Trelawny"s location

Talk come Charles, who"s sitting somewhere close to in your camp.

Then together, go to the ar where Trelawny lives.

Arthur and Charles walk to track down Trelawny in ~ his rental caravan in Rhodes.

2. Go into Trelawny"s caravan / find the caravan

When friend arrive, friend will an alert that Trelawny"s caravan has been ransacked. Go inside.

To knife the yellow medal you need to inspect three clues.

1. Food ~ above the table.

2. The bed.

3. The bloody rag ~ above the washtub.

3. Mount your steed / follow the tracks

Charles will notice tracks outside. Use Eagle Eye and also follow Trelawny"s trail. Make sure to stay within 30 feet of the trail to meet one that the yellow medal requirements.

At some suggest the tracks will rotate from the roadway to the woodland where you will come throughout a camp through two men.

4. Talk to the guys / loss the bounty hunters / Interrogate the bounty hunter

Come and talk come the males in the camp. After ~ a while, Charles will uncover that these are two the the bounty hunters who caught Trelawny. The fist fight will certainly begin. You need to defeat among the bounty hunters, Charles will certainly take care of the other.

Come as much as the bounty hunter that Charles has overpowered and also start questioning him. After a while, he will tell you whereby Trelawny is.

5. Follow Charles

Charles to know the way, monitor him.

As you method the cabin wherein Trelawny is held, 2 hunters will come out of the cabin guiding the bound Trelawny.

When they check out you, they will abandon Trelawny and run come hide in a adjacent cornfield. Arthur will certainly will reduced off Trellawny"s ties and run towards the cornfield.

6. Find and also eliminate the bounty hunters in the field

Don"t even try to shoot the bounty hunters together they operation down the hill to hide in the field. At this point they space "immortal". If you desire to obtain the gold medal, climate you only have actually one minute to find and also kill both bounty hunters.

Birds taking off to fly over a certain part of the ar mean that there is a bounty hunter there.

When you technique the component of the field in which the hunter is located, the hunter will begin to run away to the nearby field.

7. Find the cornfield v Charles

After killing 2 bounty hunters, Charles will discover the tools abandoned in the cornfield by an additional bounty hunter and also start check it out. Your task will it is in to find the field about him.

At some point you will be overpowered by another bounty hunter. Luckily, Charles throws his knife an extremely well and also will conserve you.

8. Take care of the bounty hunters in the barn / uncover the bounty hunter in the barn

After a while, you"ll be fired upon indigenous a adjacent barn. Death two an ext bounty hunters who room shooting at you.

9. Go back to Trelawny

Go back to the cabin wherein you left Trelawny.

Charles will take the to your camp and also the mission will end.

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After perfect Magicians because that Sport you will gain or will have the ability to get girlfriend in really Low Places and Blessed are the Peacemakers (1 of 2).