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THIS IS an ANIME ONLY discussion POST. Perform NOT comment on THE MANGA beyond THIS EPISODE.

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----------------------------------------Welp, even the legend that the nine tailed fox reportedly exists in this series.Besides that, I find the episode also silly in the wrong ways. I mean, is the a parody of the statue of liberty? Lol. Ouriku's getting much better at controlling his powers i suppose.

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So Rei's an enig is out and also it's rather interesting.But it makes me wonder what more we will view of she in future episode.

I'll to speak this again~~~I disagree through those that arbitrarily assumed the comedy failed. It's simply there room too countless Chinese slangs and even online clause or mim that room prevalant at the minute being offered in this anime i m sorry are an extremely hard come be analyzed properly right into Japanese or English (or some dirty jokes are banned). As a native mandarin speaker even I couldn't comprehand what the personalities are talking about occationally however most of the time I found the dialogue to be cheeky hilarious (sometimes an extremely low and obscene) and also I couln't help but giving out a an excellent laughter.
just experienced this episode v subreally? kyuubi (nin-tail) (kumi tenko) sealed within of a person (the girl)...it yes, really feels like the anime skipped too countless things... The manga in ~ least have actually details and more adventure in between.
lol Naruto + Carnival Phantasm.Rei is Naruto? No way. Also, she's in her 30's? WTF! still the waifu tho and also still shipping her and Ouriku.
If you view that my article is specifically 1 month old (or more) from when it was posted... Don't waste her time, especially when you want to reply through something small & insignificant. Assume the I've moved on (because i have).

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WHOAH. That's why the Chief really cares about Rei. He's her dad. Dude. I totally thought that----NARUTO. HAHAA. BAHAHAHA. ORIKU totally JUST reduced REI OFF simply FOR THE opened THEME. Breakin' the 4th wall, tho, mang. Gosh, i still delivery Oriku and Rei but the opening and ending themes totally show Oriku and Obu to be in a nice intimate relationship. That course, it could just it is in pictures. Obu is naturally shameless. Whoa. For this reason Rei is Naruto, basically. She's acquired the nine-tailed fox sealed in ~ her thanks to her old man. HAHHAA. And Oriku took that details to figure out her age. HAHAHA. There's a location that holds doujin----HAHAHA. ORIKU IS THE DOUJIN WRITER. OMG. Wow. Many thanks to that sudden summoning, Oriku is gift given all of these expensive presents from this man that is, apparently, an elder. He's above Obu, i guess. HAHAHA. GEEZ, ORIKU. Gokankai. Dang. The man seems to it is in a cool dude. I choose him. BAHAHAHA. Oriku is so inappropriate. Just let the black elder get in you, Oriku.Oh, so Gokankai offered to it is in a slave and also Obu basically took the in and taught him. So Obu is earlier in town and also she's in some deep trouble. Apparently she's really close come being demoted from one elder. HAHAHA. OBU made A lot of TROUBLE. She's for this reason crazy, mang.